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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. bzfrank
    I replaced the stock LMA49720 with the Burr-Brown OPA2107. Significant improvement! A bit softer and wider/more depth but more details, 'metallic' character gone, getting more warm and comfortable without sacrificing impulse response.  I like it, especially with the Shockwave III.
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  2. neog007
    The stock oamp is good but it suits better with electronic music A warmer oamp like the mentioned before in this thread would be a better choice for all kind of music with the stock zishan. I´m still waiting for my upgraded one
  3. notamethlab
    Could you link me to a source to buy the OPA2107 please?
  4. bzfrank
    I had them in my inventory, but I think
    sells genuine parts or source from Farnell.
    Beware of cheap chinese relabled TL072 on eBay/Aliexpress.
  5. notamethlab
  6. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    No it's not compatible, that one is in Soic 8 format, Zishan takes Dip 8.  Search for OPA2107AP for correct format.
  7. nick n
  8. bzfrank
    Oops, yes, sorry for the misleading link - use the OPA2107AP. (Dual)
  9. hakuzen
    this OPA2107AP is in transit.
    got it from a taobao shop which inspires trust to me
  10. notamethlab
    I'm thinking about getting OPA2107AP, AD823 & OPA2228, anyone have somw experience with them?
  11. bzfrank
    From the Burr-Browns try the OPA827, a bit harder to drive (the 2107 is particular easy in this respect, works nearly everywhere that why I stock a few all the time) but quite good, top of the line BB opamps some say. Of course amp rolling is always a matter of person taste.

    I tried the AD825 (2x on a mono-to-dual dil-8 adapter) but these do not work for me in the Zishan,, the result sounded hollow and unreal. The cheapo NE5532 wasn't that bad actually but the stock LME49720 is better, but topped by the OPA2107 IMHO. (TK13s / SW III / Phonon Sbm-02)
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  12. notamethlab

    Thank you, I went with the 2107 mainly because we both have the SWIII (also have a TK12) and would be delighted if it makes my pair sound even better!
  13. notamethlab
    Also just to make sure I bought the right one, is this the correct opamp? http://www.ti.com/product/OPA2107

    I searched for burr brown opa2107 amd couldn't find any, after more searching I found that Texas instruments acquired burr brown. Are there any differences?
  14. bzfrank
    Nope, no difference.
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  15. bzfrank
    The 2107 has the darkest sound of all the BB op amps, so its quite good at taming the Zishan for the SWIII. The stock LME49720 together with the SWIII makes for an unpleasant ride, unbearable for long sessions without loads of Aspirin IMHO. With the 2107 I can listen all day without fatigue, very pleasant.
    Check e.g.
    I hope my Muses01/02 arrive soon, will be fun to compare these.
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