The Y-Split Thread

  1. weeksy79


    Is that the snap on Qables one featured in a post above, as if so I can't help but think it looks hideous XD I'm glad you mentioned paracord though, I was wondering how you use it exactly as I thought it had cords at its centre? I'd love to know how to use it as the styles it comes in are perfect for sleeving. 
    Cheers for any info dude! :D
  2. sml1226

    There are cords in paracord. You pull them out and you're left with the outer sleeve which you can use like any other cable sleeve at that point.

    And I have to agree, the big plastic Ys look pretty ugly, I'd prefer a heat shrink at the split personally.
  3. weeksy79
    Haven't had any experience with these but I think everyone knows the sexiness of the ViaBlue splitters. 
  4. Lurkumaural
    I love this thread.
    Here's my latest:
    I could have left it there, but I wanted a structure at the split.  Enter my spare mini-XLR with rubber bushing.  Bye bye bushing!
    Press fit.  I was urgently tempted to leave it like this.
    Alas,  I covered it in heat shrink.  Better results are likely with 3:1... I had cheap stuff.
  5. e19650826

    and the bulkiness.

  6. liamstrain
    Using an extra Neutrik mini TRS barrel and shrink tubing. 
  7. mchang
    I built two RCA-terminated cables recently. I solved the Y-splits with these:
    For the UNcovered Mogami 2534 Quad, I used the 6mm cable pants.
    For the other Quad cable that was sheathed with nylon multifilament, I used the 7mm cable pants. Both look professional and clean.
    Note: I attached the RCA plugs directly to the end of the cable pants like this: 
  8. luisdent
    What wire is this?
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  9. nbriles2000
    Subbed plus a bump, keep the ideas flowing!
  10. nbriles2000
    Anybody ever use a small bullet casing for a y split?
  11. Kamakahah
    Here are a few options that I like.
 - Makes fantastic custom Y-splits out of wood and acrylic of many styles. Also does matching connectors if you want.
    Prices are more than reasonable considering the rest of the competition and really a total lack of options out there. Website is under construction right now but you can still contact him. 
    He does great work. 
    Newly released Y-split by DHC. Looks great; Small, light, and sexy. Still a handful of free upgrade finished available since they are new.
    Current pre-order price is $9.99. On the expensive side but not bad at all when you consider the quality, and again the lack of other options.
    Only weighs 4 grams!
    Finally, look for local places that sell beads. I found some really cool shops near Laguna Beach with what seems like and endless selection of beads. Keep a drill handy and you can make some pretty sweet custom Y-splits. Sorry, no picture examples for this one.; However, I did do two projects with woods bead from Hobby Lobby.
    For these, I like to place some heatshrink underneath until it feels like it will compress and be snug when sliding the bead over it. Then I add a small bit of super glue on the heatshrink and slide the bead into place over it. I usually do it snug enough so no glue is needed, but I figure it's a good habit to put a little bit for thermo expansion during season changes. 
    I lied, one more and I'll stop the TL;DR post. Search for "y split". You'll come up with a few results that look similar to this:
    They are intended for IEM/CIEM cables but could be used on normal cans depending on the style you go with. Cheap and worth a shot, but shipping takes a while. Just order some, forget about it, and then be surprised when they arrive. 
  12. nbriles2000
    Great info!
  13. elmoe
    For French people / Europeans:
    The Viablue ones are pretty nice.
  14. Toxic Cables
    Viablue offer a smaller one now, i will try and take a pic of one when i can. Not a fan of Y splits you have to hold in place with some sort of glue/hot glue.
    Some small one's i use on my cables,
  15. Toxic Cables
    Here's the small Viablue next to the larger one, also Acrolink one's. All of these need some form of glue to hold in place unless using the correct sized cable.

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