The Y-Split Thread

  1. zlobby
    I think the Y split is one of the more challenging parts of a cable to execute cleanly.  It would be nice if we could compile a small catalogue of different ways people execute their splits.  Whether that be with a bought product, or craftyness with shrink wrap.  Lets see them.
    My first cable.  Super basic.  Just taped the techflex tightly and put one piece of regular 2:1 shrink on it.  Might use adhesive shrink when i redo it. 
  2. highonsound
    this is the cleanest y split 
  3. ccklone
    Hey Now,
    Here is one with adhesive shrink wrap >>
    Here is one of the Qables snap 'Y' connectors >>
    And here is just plan ole shrink wrap around some braided Cat6 ethernet cabling >>
    I like the simplicity of the adhesive shrink wrap best.
    Finest kind,
  4. Ikarios


    What is that on the bottom? Is that a commercial cable? if not, where can I find it? :D
  5. Lurkumaural
    Talk me through this Cat6 job, because I've been trying to read up on Ethernet cable for audio here and found a lot of "do it" versus "buy some Starquad."  I want to try this myself instead of shelling out for mic cable.  And you've done it.
    Is that two twisted pairs to each can?  Is a twisted pair treated as one conductor, or do you combine the darks and then the lights?  Stranded copper or solid?  Do you/did you experience microphonics?  Is that white shrink wrap?  And why is it wrapped after the split, and not before?
    It's a very well made looking cable (and some pretty headphones); I'm very much into the unsheathed look, unless a sheath were more functional or practical somehow.
  6. zlobby
    I need to get some adhesive shrink wrap.  Do you use 2:1 or 3:1?  and what size for the y split?
    Over 200 views and not too many Y-splits... submit!!
  7. ccklone


    Hey Now,
    I answered above. Hope that helps. They sound pretty good for such a cheap cable.
    Finest kind,
  8. ccklone


    Hey Now,
    I am not sure whether 2:1 or 3:1. CyberSpyder did the re-cable on the SR60, he did a mighty fine job with the Y-split. I remember asking how he did that and all he said was adhesive shrink wrap and needle nose pliers. He sounded like he had been doing this technique quite a bit.
    Finest kind,
  9. cyberspyder
    Typically, dual-wall heatshrink (adhesive) is 3:1, though you may be able to find 2:1, but I find that 3:1 yields a thicker sidewall when shrunk, leading to a more durable y-split. I have various sizes at hand, but most commonly I use 3/8" for star-quad type cables, and 1/4" for smaller stuff. I've gone down to 1/8" but that was for really fine cables.

    Yes, I heated it up with a heatgun (if using a hairdryer, make SURE the adhesive is viscous and fully melted, otherwise the heatshrink won't stick) and once it has reached maximum shrinkage, gauged where the split started and just squeezed with a pair of needle nosed pliers.

    Got some new photos, will post them soon.

  10. cyberspyder

  11. JoetheArachnid
    Can I demand more Y-splits? I've never been able to pull one off that I've been entirely happy with, myself.
  12. zlobby

    agreed. lets get some more y splits people!
  13. civilmonkey
    ipod line out to rca.  Carbon black colour sleeving, 3:1 adhesive heat shrink
    recable K81DJ, spilt is adhseive heat shrink, with hot glue at the Y and pliers to make more of a y.  nylon sleeving used.
  14. melka
    First timer here. This is my way of doing it, until I find a better one of course.
    First I make two small slots on the sides of my heat shrink and pass the wires through. I'm using the yellow ziptie as a guide for the wires. Once shrunk, there's a small bit protruding, I leave it and add another small bit of heatshrink over it, just enough to cover this bit. It gives me a nice small split, but I yet have to try the adhesive heat shrink, didn't even know this stuff existed 'till now :)
    This particular split is going to be recovered with techflex sleeving, not sure yet how to split the sleeving nicely. Any advices appreciated.
  15. Maverickmonk
    I just bought the quables y-split. it's a little bulky but it looks really professional. Only lesson learned is that I need to superglue my wires to keep the twists from unwinding overtime. Parachute cord is also the worlds best sleeving. It's tight over 4 conductors, and a tad loose over 2, but it will work for both, it's low profile, it's soft, tangle resistant, and not microphonic in the least bit so far as I can tell.

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