The Y-Split Thread

  1. mkmossop
    What do you google if you wanna buy one of these? I search "cable y splitter" and I just get a bunch of split cables.
  2. kconnor72
    I googled Viablue and it took me to their site. Their sleeves are pretty dang nice if you ask me.

  3. Zedd56
    I believe the piece that's meant to enclose a split or other types of splices are referred to as a "boot".  You can find generic boots on a lot of bulk component stores online (if not a local store) like Element14 or DigiKey (Canada)
    You'd find the one you need depending on how many wires you want going in and coming out, and the wire diameter.  Should make for a super clean and convenient job!
    Something like this (y-split/1->2 boot, starting inner diameter 13mm, shrinks down to 6mm)
    Nothing like those fancy shells from Viablue or Acrolink though, hot damn.  I guess you'd want to use one of these heatshrink boots inside a casing like that, actually... I don't know if the boots are just heatshrink or if they also actually include a hard shell to protect the splice inside!
  4. TwoEars
    Here's a ViaBlue Y-split.
    Underneath the Viablue piece there is a larger diameter adhesive heat shrink that holds the sleeving and outgoing two cables in place. The viablue then slides down and makes it look nice and so forth. The holes in the Viablue are quite large and lends itself towards builds with larger cable diameter (such as this one). If you have a build with thin wires it's going to be hard to make it work well.
  5. junkimchi
    What ViaBlue splitter model is that?
  6. MDR30
    Looking for something like this:
    Simple but functional. Where can I find something similar?
  7. Kamakahah
  8. MDR30

    That pregnant little splitter may work, but there's not much space in there for the cross-soldering that's necessary for this particular anode/cathode tube connection.
    I welcome more suggestions!
  9. Kamakahah

    Maybe this could work for you. Haven't seen the inside though.


    You could also look at one of the larger Viablue splits
  10. Arty McGhee
  11. mb3k
    I've used these Qable y-splitters and you're correct, it's slightly challenging to cross solder and fit all the cables into the plastic unit. So much so that I had to superglue it permanently shut... but it has lasted for 8+ years now and it's still my go-to cable.
  12. kookoo
    Just starting out making my own cables, and yea bought a few y splitters from qables, double helix and lunashops but i reckon by far the most simple and impressive of the lot is the cable pants. such a neat idea
  13. esteboune
  14. HiFi1972
    I'm currently using sharpie/highlighter caps, just did one for a friend of mine's daughter who ripped out her gray/pink headphone's cabling:
    EDIT: I put waay too much shrink tubing on the techflex/cables going to each driver, this would have looked cleaner if you would only see the techflex-covered wires coming out of the "barrel".
  15. rikk009
    You guys are great!

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