The Y-Split Thread
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My favorite splitter is this one from plusSound. It's nice and small and understated.
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Here's a potato quality pic of a cable I'm working on right now.  I used a 45ACP bullet casing with the primer pocket drilled out for the Y-split and a 223REM rifle casing with the neck cut off for the 3.5mm plug handle.  I built up a few layers of heatshrink on the cable and then press-fit the casings into place.
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I'm planning to make a few headphone cables soon, and wondering, is a Y-split even necessary (if you're braiding)?

If you're braiding four wires then switch to two twisted pairs, would it actually come undone without a Y-split of some sort? So far I've only made a pair of speaker cables (following these instructions: but that was four wires per cable, transferring to two twisted pairs at each end, and it worked just fine without a splitter.
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It won't necessarily come undone but it might be harder to keep tension in the braid. You don't need a splitter but at least use some heat shrink. A small bit on each side, left and right and one over all four wires is plenty to keep it held together.
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I have recently finished a headphone jack to RCA splitter cable using the Viablue splitter, which is allright for the job. Cable is Mogami to Klotz and sleeving is Techflex. Terminations are Neutrik/Rean and HiCon. It gets the job done perfectly fine.

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I am using the smallest ViaBlue splitter (the NF-A7) on a headphone cable using a Mogami Neglex Quad cable. It is not as bulky as the other ViaBlue splitters and does a good job of making the y-split look fairly attractive.
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Mogami Neglex W2534 - for my now destroyed Grado SR-80e... so they're going on my HD 600 when it gets here in a few day... I'm done with Grado horrible build quality.

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Guys, what is the ultimate endgame splitters (and chin sliders) that is available in any eshop around the world? Not talking about 24k gold stuff but rather high quality, light and beautiful splitters that could be an upgrade for my current splitter (and sliders)… these look too basic and the slider drops easily… help

btw I’m already using a Pentaconn OFC plug

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