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I bought a pair of iGrados from Mike. Quick transaction and smooth shipping. I would definitely deal with Mike again.
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I bought a pair of DT880's from Mike. It was a completely smooth transaction and the cans truly appeared to be as new. I recommend him without reservation.
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Consolidating two feedback threads

Originally Posted by keanej6 View Post
Happy to kick off mchang's feedback thread. may it grow to be long and positive.

Sold my ldm and ALO dock out to mr mchang. quick responses and fast payment. would definitely do business with him again.
I didn't know this feedback thread was started for me already. Copying keanej6's feedback here. I'll be using this thread in the future. Thanks!
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haha the same thing happened to me too. someone started a thread for me without me knowing.
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I made an interconnect for Mchang, and it was a pleasure. Very good to work with, honest and prompt. Would gladly do business with again! Thanks
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I sold a HeadFive Amp to Mchang

I sold a HeadFive Amp to Mchang. Transaction, communication, and payment all was very fast, responsive and completely trustworthy. Would do business again. Thanks
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Great Experience

Michael sold me his Elpac power supply. He promptly shipped the package and the packing was great. His communications were courteous and responses quick. In short, he is awesome to deal with.
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Michael and I swapped ALO dock -> mini connectors because I'm too clumsy for solid wire!

Smooth transaction, and outstanding communication.

Thanks, Michael!
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ALO Bling-Bling LOD & Beyer Leather Pads

I found Michael's add for the ALO LOD and started a deal.

Before the deal was completed I found his second post for the new Beyer leather pads for a DT-990. Michael ended up consolidating the purchasing/packaging/prices which saved us both some money, and I'm one happy buyer!

Michael communicates well, and is very forthcoming, his prices are excellent and the products were well packaged. It was a great smooth transaction and I recommend him without reservation. I hope we get to do business again!

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bought a pair of dt990 ed. 2005 from michael. great communication, shipped very quickly, headphones arrived exactly as described - in great shape.

awesome price, great condition, quickly shipped... what else could you ask for?
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Mike sold me his Meier Headfive amplifier.

He shipped quick, and when we used my FedEx account he returned the shipping payment with the amplifier (even though I told him he could keep it to pay for his gas to go out of his way and not use US Postal Service.)

It was an effortless transaction, and the amp sounds fantastic with my "This is K2 HD" CD.

Highly recommended to deal with.

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Michael bought my Darkvoice 332 amp. It was an absolutely perfect transaction! I would definitely buy or sell from him again, a highly recommended head-fier! Michael, I hope you enjoy the DV332!!!
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mchang paid immediately and communicated quickly. A good transaction, I'd deal with him again.
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Bought some tubes from Michael at cost price...Everything about the transaction was excellent. Highly recommended !
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Bought EMU 0404 USB, the transaction is very uneventful.... which means everything went as it should!

I won't hesitate to deal with this great head-fier again!
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