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The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by telix, Apr 28, 2009.
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  1. fredeb
    No - that is a good description . It sounds like the sound I like hearing ! [​IMG]
    Clean and unobtrusive .
  2. Jonathan Crouch
    What CV said you will notice things you never noticed before... I noticed such a difference that I pulled my Astro's off of digital for analog back before I had the HD 700's. The Astro A40's are almost horrible on any analog source... That being said with the bursons they sounded better than on their own digital amp that's designed for them. It literally makes things open up. I have not tested them on a audiophile headset yet. However, now that I own one I will be testing it as soon as Burson gets the Conductor Air to me. I will also be testing my STX 2 on it once they are able to find the problem with it. I will also leave my impressions on the Conductor Air here. I've heard it's amazing for a portable amp.
    Edit: Considering it uses a Sabre ESS 9018 and the Burson V5i's I'm expecting a lot out of that little amp. We'll see =D
  3. fredeb
    I correlate "Open" to a depth in sound stage , contributing to image 3-dimensionality , and thus creating space between the different instruments /voices . The "Z" axis , as it were .
    I'm sure the Conductor Air won't disappoint . 
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  4. jimwallen
    I've used the Burson Op Amps both in the STX and now in the STX II, since it became available. I've never had a problem. There's a huge jump in sound quality with the Bursons, and I would highly recommend them. They are worth the price. The new version Bursons are also a big jump in sound quality compared to the originals. I listen with Martin Logan ESL's and Audeze LCD-4's. I love the Bursons!
  5. CVLover
    how do you like the martin logans ? those looks so good:p and also the audeze?
  6. Jay Callen
    Thanks for your reassuring words, as I’m eagerly awaiting arrival of Burson op amps for my new STX II. Just to clarify, about how long (years? months?) have you been running trouble-free Bursons in the STX II?
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  7. jimwallen
    I used the 1st version Bursons for a year or two in the old STX and the new version Bursons in the new STX II for almost two years now. Trouble free and clean clear audio.
  8. jimwallen
    I love the Martin Logan ESL's. Clean, clear, airy. A subwoofer is recommended. Friends are astounded when they hear them, as was I. I have no regrets. Love 'em. The Audeze headphones, I can never say enough good things about them. I had the LCD-3's for two years and just upgraded to the LCD-4's. Quite pricey but the clarity, cleanness and airiness is the best I've ever heard. Before Audeze came along I had the Sennheiser 650's which are still a pretty good headphone, especially at their price. I bought both Audeze's straight from the company..Tony Hamilton..unheard and unseen, based only on reviews. I'd say just order them and enjoy. I doubt you'll send them back; speakers and headphones. Good luck.
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  9. jimwallen
    You will be very pleasantly surprised and happy with the Bursons. I promise.
  10. fredeb
    Hmm ... sounds like Jonathan Crouch's STX2 may be faulty then , in which case Asus should replace if still under warranty , right ?
    Unless other mods have been done ( caps ect. ) I guess .
  11. fredeb
    Here's RTA graph from REW - STX with 2x OPA1612 in I/V and LM6172IN in buffer 
    I wonder what that horrible spike is at 65hz ? Mains ?
  12. jimwallen
    My ears prefer the Burson Supreme Op Amps V5 above any chip. I've swapped out quite a few of the mentioned chips, but when I stumbled on the Burson's I found them to sound far better than the rest. Just my experience and opinion. -jim
  13. th2pun1sh3r
    i mean yeahj the bursons might sound nice but i dont feel like having card problems lol. i hope the muses01 are good enough
  14. jimwallen
    They will sound pretty good. I tried them, too. I have a great deal of doubt about the Bursons burning out the sound cards, but then again, I'm no electronics wizard. My experience has been very good. -jim
  15. IronMan2
    So im new into audio, i currently am looking to get a good pair of headphones, wether be the DT990 pRos or Soundmagic HP200. i have a Asus xonar STX 2 soundcard and was looking into getting new OP amps, what would be best to have the best sound quality instead of buying an amp such as the Schiit Magni 2 uber?
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