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The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by telix, Apr 28, 2009.
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  1. th2pun1sh3r
    yeah you are right, I am now considering sparkos- I wanted to get burson but after hearing about all the dead cards and burned card that result from that combo it seems risky.
  2. fredeb
    I wouldn't install Bursons in a STX II , after the reports of Bursons burning out and caps popping on STX II's , rather try them on original STX .
    Anyways , I've just swopped OPA2111KP's for TI OPA1612 SOIC soldered onto dip8 adapters . That's in the I/V section and left LM6172IN in the buffer . Noise floor has dropped considerably and definition is the sharpest I've come across . I'm listening to a vintage pair of B&W DM12's being driven by a Linsey Hood 80wpc amp with shunt regulated dual rail supply .
  3. fredeb
    I seriously can't think how the Muses opamps can possibly be better than the OPA1612 , check out the spec sheets . Methinks it's a scam .
    I can highly recommend giving OPA1612 a try , the highest quality opamp available from Texas Instruments . Get a SOIC opamp and SOIC to DIP8 adapter and give it ago .
  4. CVLover
    so i tested the soundcard again, im currently listening on it now. and have not experienced any popping suddenly.. that is strange. im going to give it some days. i hope the card will keep up :)
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  5. CVLover
    but i feel like the sound is not as clear as it used to be. may be because of the different op amps. im so used to the burson awesomeness :p
  6. Jonathan Crouch
    Bursons customer service still remains second to none. They were going to send me another set of V5's this would put them out over $500 in replacements they've sent me. Although, I told them I will just purchase a Conductor Air. Since I need a good amp for my phone as well. I've heard a lot of good things about the Conductor Air. So we shall see how everything goes. The Cable+ looks amazing too. Although that upgrade will have to wait. I cannot rule out what is causing the issues with the STX 2. There's still an STX, although unfortunately I gave it to another member of my family who also lives here. So I can no longer use that for testing purposes. I would very much like to see however, It would prove if or not it's a problem linked to the design STX 2 itself. 
    I will post how everything works with the Conductor Air once it's in. Some have reported the audio quality to be superior to the STX/V5 combo.
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  7. th2pun1sh3r
    il let u guys know what I think once the muses01 and muses02 get here , il throw em in  hopefully its significantly better quality
  8. fredeb
    I'm happy to hear your card is working - I was wondering what Asus's policy is regarding under warranty replacement ? They do , after all , push the fact that the card is opamp swapping capable . 
    Is it the stock opamps you have in there now ?
    Good to hear about Burson's customer service - that makes a big difference .
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  9. CVLover
    Im using the ones that comes with the card. Not the original ones
  10. Jonathan Crouch
    Also, Burson asked me to send my card to them for testing. They'll have a better chance than I do at getting to the bottom of the issue. We'll see how everything turns out. Even if the card proves incapable of holding the amps down. I will be able to use the Conductor Air once it arrives. They have really gone out of their way to help me. They're even planning to replace the V5-D's still. This will put them out over 700$ on this if you include all the amps I've gone through.
    Edit: I really hope they can find the issue. The STX 2 is really the only card I have that can push my HD 700's. The Maximus Formula VII has a half decent DAC and AMP. However, it cannot and will not do what the STX 2 can. 
  11. CVLover
    Thats great customer service right there. I hope they find the problem!
  12. fredeb
    I see . 
    Could you please relate what sets the burson sound apart from other op amps ( describe the Sound Quality ) ?
    For example , for hifi listening I have Class D Hypex mono-blocks , a vintage Class A/B Harman Kardon PM660 and custom built 300B Push Pull with inter-stage transformer mono-blocks . 
    The Hypex amps are the epitome of neutrality , imaging is good , PRAT is spot on , bass control and definition is excellent ; BUT time and time again I am drawn back to the HK or 300B PP . Why ? Because of the " musicality " of these amps , they're an absolute pleasure to listen to , non-fatiguing . I can't wait to hear the 300B when I get home from work  . Almost every genre too - 'cept maybe some very fast deep electronic drum music ( Drum n Bass  and such the like ) .
  13. fredeb
    Amazing customer service indeed - bless them !
    I'm interested in hearing your impressions of the Conductor Air .
    Just a thought : http://www.head-fi.org/t/794856/manley-labs-headphone-amp
  14. CVLover
    the lows are much cleaner and is more pronounced, mids sound wider and is smoother. I love the smootheness of the highs. I find myself beeing able to put the volume abit louder without getting harsh or sharp tones. It has to be heard. Its a great upgrade compared to the stock. This was probably a bad description
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  15. CVLover
    There are also certain things you hear in songs that you dont realize is there when you are using the burson op amps :)
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