1. Junglbob

    Upgrade for Essence STX

    Hi, I don't know what to do, I have Xonar Essence STX (2xMUSES8920 + 1xMUSES8820) and HD650, want to improve sound quality, what is better for upgrade? I can buy Magni 3 for Essence STX + 2 x op-amp Burson V5-D or don't buy op-amp from Burson and just take Schiit stack Modi 3 + Magni 3? Someone...
  2. W

    Choice sound card for laptop/PC

    Choice sound card for laptop Hello. I have new headphone SuperLux HD681F. I have listened them in the Store with FiiO X3, and it was amazing sound! I use them at work with worker laptop, and it's absolutely another sound expirience! The headphone doesn't have scene depth, bass and a lot of...
  3. PureViewer4t1

    A Guide on Using Foobar2000 for Listening Music with ASUS ROG Centurion

    Just received my ASUS ROG Centurion gaming headset and man, I didn't expect this coming! I mainly bought it to watch movies and playing some games, but then I discovered a new way to listen to music. In this guide I will explain how to properly set Foobar2K to listen music with ASUS ROG...
  4. registradus

    New soundcard? or DAC?

    my Xonar DG finally decided to die. what should I replace it with? my budget is $100. I'm looking at a Sound blaster z or an ASUS Strix Soar. or also open to the possibility of buying a USB DAC. my main pair of headphones are a Sony MDR-1A
  5. RayTrace77

    Asus Essense STX II 7.1 Line-Out question

    Hi Everyone, I got an Asus Essense STX II card and can't find any information regarding the RCA out, I want to connect it to a Little Dot MK II using Phono - Phono cables but I'm aware you shouldn't connect an already amplified source to another device than can amplify again. I've searched...
  6. daniser

    ASUS Essence One cannot enter firmware update mode - repair manual

    Hello all, Some people trying to convert their MKI units to MKII with ASUS DSD upgrade kit or via reflashing their DIP8 EEPROM chips with appropriate firmware face the issue of inability to update their MCU chip. Updating MCU firmware to version 0.64 is essential to complete transformation to...
  7. banco-sg

    Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5

    Has anyone tried this new sound card from Creative? It is using ESS Sabre DAC, i am just wondering about the performance. I haven't used any Creative products for years, how is it so far? I am thinking to ditch my Xonar Essence STX if the review is quite positive for AE-5.
  8. V

    Asus Essence III

    Hi I'm new here and I have a few questions related to the Asus Essence III. - Will the volume control function as an analog attenuator and pre-amp when playing vinyl or tape via the AUX IN interface and further to my active speakers? - When doing the above, do you know if the analog signal...
  9. deltawars

    Please help me chose a headset/headphones!

    I have a Asus H87M-Plus motherboard, it has a on board Realtek ALC887 chipset and 8 Channels audio jacks.   I want to get a headset/headphones for gaming, the main feature i want is to be able to hear the exact direction where gunshots come from and if a player is walking i want to hear the...
  10. jude

    Check Out The Head-Fi Summer 2012 Buying Guide!

    Check Out Head-Fi's Summer 2012 Buying Guide!     Click on the image above to download the Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide!   IMPORTANT NOTE: The Guide is best viewed by downloading it and viewing it in a PDF reader, not directly in your browser.   Since the release of last year's...
  11. Veyron

    Help headphones for rap/hip hop 90% of the time

    I HAVE Z5500 speackers Asus DX1 sound card I used to have Sennheiser HD 25 till the cable came loose and only 1 speaker works. I mainly use my headphones aswell.   I listen to mainly old school rap/hiphop type and bascily youtube vidoes and maybe 5% of the time movies and other stuff  ...
  12. dsp0704

    Upgrading from AKG Q701 + NuForce Icon HDP

    AKG Q701 NuForce Icon HDP Amp/Dac Laptop: Asus G73SW-A1 Foobar2000 (Wasapi, FLAC: 24bit/44.1-96kHz) Music Taste: Beatles/Pink Floyd/Classical (in order of preference)   I'm thinking about upgrading. I love listening to the Beatles. Especially now that I found the USB 24bit/44.1kHz...
  13. lukaleo

    DAC/Amp for HD650

    Just got my new computer. It has the gigabyte sniper 2 board, which comes with thecreative x-fi/EAX 5.0 dedicated on board. The question is what would be a decent soundcard/DAC + amp combination for my HD650. I heard something about the NFB-12, is that good enough to drive the HD650 and...
  14. M1992

    Need advice in selecting new headphones

    Hey I am very new here so bare with me if my descriptions lack bits of information. I am looking for a new headset for myself... I like music and that is the reason for my upcoming purchase of a new and (hopefully) better set of headphones. I like electronic music and music that are mixed...
  15. Tamirci

    Audiophile on budget, looking for your opinions.

    Hey man don't look at me like that! :D Can't an audiophile go budget?    I used to have Creative Gigaworks T3+SB X-Fi Titanium and it was good. Now I have a Microlab Fc-730 5.1 but only mobo sound, which is crap. My t3 times ordered from ebay dac/amp Musiland US 02 Dragon (which is 2...
  16. somerandomguy

    First pair of headphones, looking for multi-purpose < £180

    I have never bought a good pair of headphones before, but I am increasingly beginning to appreciate good headphones and finding bad speakers/headphones intolerable. The more I've been researching the more complex the world of headphones seems to be, so I'm hoping some of you guys can help me...
  17. demo1

    Asus U1 v.s. Creative X-Fi HD USB as a DAC/AMP

    Hi, I've tried doing some research on both products but I can't seem to come to a solid conclusion as to which one is the better DAC/AMP. I'm concerned with specifically with the headphone output on these things as I'll being using it as both a DAC and an AMP. Which one has a more powerful...
  18. Thommohawk

    Needing advice on which Beyer may be the correct one for me.....

    If you wouldn't mind....   I currently own the Koss Porta Pro, loving the sound quality and especially the bass impact for the most part, the only two caveats being that I wish the soundstage was wider/grander and also the fact that these phones are not comfy over ears.   That being...
  19. KarlAgathon

    Would a mid-range 100 watt a/v receiver be enoguh to drive a Sennheiser 600 or 650?

    I was thinking about picking up either the Sennheiser 600 or 650. I realize these models would be hungry for power. Would my 100 watt receiver be enough to propely drive these without the need to buy another amp? Thanks in advance.
  20. Th3irdEye

    HD650 Help and Info

    So I have been reading a bunch on this website the past few days and I decided that it might be beneficial to sign up here and post some questions for these obviously knowledgeable people. I currently have a pair of Tritton AX Pro's which have a total of 8 drivers in them (4 on each side for a...
  21. Denon2010

    Should I buy the Asus Xonar DX or the Xonar DS?

    I had the Asus Xonar DX but I sold it cause i needed the money.   I used to own a Denon D2000 but sold it and got back my old Senn HD555 from the same guy.   But now I am using the HD555 with onboard and you can really hear the nastyness in onboard audio.   So therefore I need to buy...
  22. Flaapy

    Good amp to couple with HD650 and Asus STX sound card?

    Kind of new to all this, lurked around a bit for two days and saw some decent suggestions, though many were outdated.   Apparently the STX has DAC, so I guess I could just connect the HD650 to a stand alone headphone amp that doesn't have DAC? Unless there's a reason why I should use an amp...
  23. dragonball

    Fuze or S:Flo2 for following setup?

    1) Supposing I use only 320kbps (& no FLAC) + Fischer Audio DBA2 + E5 will i get a significant SQ/soundstage/bass boost or just a slight improvement using S:Flo2 over Fuze? because i am getting Fuze at half the price of S:Flo2. I dont need videos, etc.   2) Suppose i buy AudioEngine A5...
  24. MintMouse

    Essence STX Problem, Left-Channel volume. Help.

    I sold my STX on eBay last week. The buyer has reported that there is a fault with it.   It would seem that when he turns his volume down, using Windows or a Media program, the left channel does not lower. The right works as normal. This only happens after half an hour. It can only be fixed...
  25. varunkumar

    Asus Xonar Essence STX

    Hi guyz. I just bought Xonar STX with sennheiser HD 595. After doing a lot of research i did this. I hope i didn't do a mistake. I am still waiting for the shipment t9o arrive. I will give my review after i receive it. If somebody has any suggestions for me you are most welcome.