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The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by telix, Apr 28, 2009.
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  1. CVLover
    i was abit wrong.. have my left channel on 50% and right on 100. its weird tho.. hope caps will fix it or just forget about the stx 2 and move onto something better. because this is starting to be expensive
  2. Jonathan Crouch
    I know the feeling after going through 1 STX 2 and 7 Burson V5-D's and 1 V5i-D. That's when I stopped experimenting. Roughly $500 in amps alone burned up not to mention the STX 2. Until I can find answers why they burned up. 
  3. scruffy1
    did all this happen in the same pc ?  in the same slot ?
    there might be some regulation issue with the power supply - what are you using, and how old is the psu ?
    is it "fed" via a molex off the power supply, or is there an intermediate adapter ?
    fwiw i run two separate machines with the xonar hdav 1.3, and both have been flawless with burson v5i in the buffer slots - both have more than marginal power supply for the components (corsair hx650 and antec earthwatts 500 in a gaming i5 and basic i3 rig respectively)
    could that possibly be an issue for your set up ?
  4. Jonathan Crouch
    It's been tried in multiple slots on two separate STX 2's. It uses a molex off of a HX1000i. I'm using a Maximus Formula VII. Edit: This HX1000i is less than a year old.
  5. scruffy1
    ah... too much power  [​IMG]
  6. Jonathan Crouch
    That's just the thing. No one has been able to tell me what's causing this. What I do not understand is why the normal amps do not have issues. However, when I use the V5's they get hot; almost hot enough to burn my hands. However, the same issue is persisting on the 2nd STX 2. After the last two V5's and the V5i blew up I stopped trying altogether.
  7. th2pun1sh3r
    yeah I read about the bursons causing some channels to have problems over time from multiple people (maybe it is a voltage issue?)
    I still have my old stx1 maybe il try bursons on that (since it wont be a big deal if it burns up)
    for stx2
    I guess I will try the 2-1 setup both ways for the muses and see which one sounds better.
    Anyone else have suggestions on this?
    Also, the 2 amps in the IV stage are the ones that affect headphones right so if im using my DT 880s there would be no diference between putting 2 muse02s and 1 muse01 versus all 3 muse02's right? I think I read somewhere it only uses the buffer stage for the speakers RCA?
  8. CVLover
    different motherboard and i am using a "adapter" to get the cable long enough. maybe that one is bad. i dont know. im using a xfx 1250 pro powersupply. 
  9. fredeb
    It definitely sounds like a Burson / STX2 issue , as others have been experiencing similar problems with the combo , but not with the original STX . It would be nice if someone who had a similar problem would chip in here .
    CVLover likes this.
  10. th2pun1sh3r
    btw I just saw that muses03 are coming out soon (december) supposedly its going to be better than 01/02
  11. Jay Callen

    NJR's press release re new flagship op amp Muses03, dated Oct 11, 2016:  http://www.njr.com/products/press2016/MUSES03.html
    Damn, I hate reading about V5 / V5i defects and/or incompatibilities.  Last week I ordered Burson op amps for my new STX II because its stock Muses 8820 / 8920 are so lousy that after one week I switched back to my Dell XPS' onboard Realtek ALC3861 audio.  I'll not go back to STX II unless Burson V5 / V5i (ordered both) significantly improve its SQ.
  12. th2pun1sh3r
    what kind of headphones are you using jay? I definitely think the stx2 could use some tweaks with op amps but its not "that bad" is it?
  13. Jay Callen
    Since installing the STX II last week, Adam Audio F5 stand-mounted powered studio monitors have been my primary source for near-field critical listening, not headphones. After the Burson op amps (waiting for arrival) are installed and compared, then I’ll learn a lot more about the SQ of swappable op amps vs. sound card per se.
  14. th2pun1sh3r
    ahh yeah I have a pair of logitech speakers w/ sub but I think the asus guys said you need to swap the buffer to make the speakers sound good. Headphones are way better though.
    I am hoping muse01/02 combo will improve speakers
  15. Jay Callen
    Well, for that kind of money plus a bit of price negotiation, one could buy discrete or hybrid “audiophile designer” op amps which virtually every Head-Fi reviewer says beat the monolithic IC Muses8820/8920/01/02 hands down.  And that's why I considered Sparkos SS3602, Burson V5 / V5i, and ordered the latter.
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