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The Xiaomi Pistons Thread 2.0

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  1. Badelhas

    Thank you. Looks weird but I'm gonna try this http://lifehacker.com/5293980/convert-your-earbuds-with-over-the-ear-wraps
  2. JTLovesMusic
    Bought the xiaomi pistons from my local mobile store for 20$, used them for 10days it is truly a bang for the buck for the sound/build quality and it even includes an in line remote . They sounded quite similar to the Sony MDREX650 i tested in my local sony store except the Sony's sound slightly clearer across the whole frequency despite its price of 80$ . Quite happy with the purchase and will be looking forward to buy the silver ones to accommodate my white iphone =)
  3. HawkEye0701

  4. christoophat
    Bought my pair about a month back from ibuygou. Absolutely LOVE them! Didn't even bother w/ burn-in, just started using them. Their bass extension is incredible, they can hit really low when required.
    Saw what appeared at first to be real Pistons on Focalprice, placed an order for another pair before looking a bit closer, these look like fakes to me @#$%!
  5. dotpeek
    Just ordered from Robert's superstore. They're 2.1's.
  6. clee290
    You never stopped to wonder why they were 1/3 the cost of the Pistons from ibuygou?
  7. christoophat

    Of course. But buying them thru US distys & from China disty, I would surmise less cost/profit going thru China. Obviously, it comes with the risk of knockoff-ness, as in this case. This purchase was my bad, not looking closely before pulling trigger.[​IMG]
    Just was sharing for the OPs idea to track good & bad outlets.
  8. vaziyetu
    don't judge IEM's with considering only this model. actually you did a very bad choice buying them. try following models: brainwavz r1, vsonic vsd3/s and koss kdx100. these 3 has the biggest soundstage i've seen so far. personally i like r1's soundstage & mids more, it just has the right acoustic. they will give your headphone feeling back. if there is a trash can near you, i can suggest you to throw your piston into that.
  9. arcwindz

    Well, that's way too harsh lol. Personal opinion is okay, but i don't think you can find the same quality at the same price. Piston is not the best, but it's anything but a bad choice unless when you like cold sounding iem
  10. thatBeatsguy
    This isn't criticism anymore; this is pointless bashing for bashing's sake. Like arcwindz stated, stating your personal opinion is okay, but this is beyond that. 
    You've been doing nothing but bashing the Pistons in this thread over and over whilst hyping the Branwavz R1. It's uncalled for, whether here or in any other thread. I'm warning you once; don't make me warn you again.
  11. vaziyetu
    brainwavz r1 is having some discounts on mp4nation from time to time, look at the reviews section, a lot of people bought it about the price of $30 and also i'm one of them. so where is your so called price advantadge ? you are talking like there is a hundreds of dollars difference. people just can't buy 2nd hand ? people don't know how to collect a little for more money ? waiting for discounts ? if you continue insisting like that, people will stop about thinking the pricier models and going to buy a piston and they are going to make a very very bad choice without even knowing it. because of your fanaticism they will just believe that they can only get this kind of performance for that kind of money. they are not gonna even imagine what they can get a little more dollars. actually the above spoken models are not the only one's. there is also lower koss models and maybe vsonic models too and maybe a lot of models from other brands too which is actually offering more for the money right now but i didn't tried most of them personally. so i prefer spoking about the ones i know for certain. i can add koss ruk30 to that list, which i greatly prefer against piston and it has only costs $30 on koss.com and actually can found for even cheaper on some retail sites.
    may i ask who are you warning me mr. ? oh i see, you are the one who said piston has a "airy soundstage". so you are very annoyed from me because i showed the true way for the people like farad, who also discovered that it is not ? i don't even remember posting this thread before but when there is a chance, i will going to do whatever i did so far and i'm not going to scare from you mr. beatswhatever. do whatever you want. i actually want to see what can you do though. if this forum is only for your kind of "people". i really don't wanna waste more time. so stop warning me and take action, save both of us time.
    oh by the way. i suggest you to stop trying to give me a lesson about what is an opinion and what is not. because clearly your definiton about piston's soundstage is badly wrong and i'm saving my right to accuse you "lying" for some reason. keep that in your mind mr. opinion master. i can take a picture of my piston in a trash can, if you want ? do you want me to post a picture ?
    LeeRedfield likes this.
  12. thatBeatsguy
    You're accusing me of lying now? What, so you think my review is a joke? A farce? Some scam to trick people into buying the Pistons? Oh, I'm sorry, but clearly you yourself are misguided by your own fanaticism. My opinion in that review is my own; you have no right to judge that opinion and shove your own down my throat.
    Do you think you're better than me? Do you think you're above me because you think my perception of an airy soundstage is wrong? My perception is my own; my opinion is my own. You don't have the right to go about shoving your opinion down my throat and yelling in my face that what I'm hearing is different from what you're hearing. Your opinion is no higher than mine. That doesn't give you the right to indoctrinate everyone on what is good sound coming from your ears. 
    Do you think I'm offended because this is, in fact, a thread I started? No, I'm not offended by that. I'm offended by you shoving your opinions down my throat. Unless your superiority complex can't see through that, let me tell you that it is a gesture of insult.
  13. spurxiii
    Lol this is hilarious. The pistons isn't as bad as what you say it is. I got mine for about $30AUD and although it isn't the last word in SQ its still sound quite decent IMO and I enjoy having it in my IEM rotation (I listen to a different IEM every 2-3 days). Guys, that's it with this hobby its only your opinion so cool down. I suspect he's trolling by saying stuff like chicking it in the bin and all lol
  14. HawkEye0701
    STOP. Guys come on everyone has an opinion and @vaziyetu told his in a rather rude manner. Everyone has the right to say what they want to but come on you just can't say that throw them. You are a fanboy of the RUK30 I get it and you hate the pistons more than anything but come on. And guys please stop it.
  15. arcwindz
    In where... that's the problem. You can say that the Piston is $30, but if you can access mi-store it's way cheaper. And fyi i'm not in USA or anywhere near amazon store where you can buy refurbished things, so it needs to be brand new for me.
    and your "because of your fanaticism they will just believe that they can only get this kind of performance for that kind of money" Yes i believe you can't get something better because for the fact that this thing has android remote control, pardon me but i forgot to post my impressions in the old thread here in which i mentioned that.
    Is there any better or comparable sounding one? damn a lot, and i put them all in one bracket of under $50 IEM. There is the Havi, sony, philips, vsonic, and if you think brainwavz and koss ruk30 or kdx100 sounds better, that's totally fine by me.
    But you're really doing it wrong... if you want to say those are better, please make a review and compare those in the right manner. How's the comfort? build quality? High, mids, low, sound stage, imaging? you know what... you are a head-fi'er, i believe you know how to make a review and i will gladly appreciate another review for piston, especially a review where it can be compared to many other IEMs (subjectively). that'll be constructive to this thread.
    What you are doing now is just bashing the Piston saying that's it's the worst choice ever based on sound stage which i don't even know whether it's wider, deeper, made you think of unicorn, or what... and huge soundstage doesn't always translate to better sound.
    On a side note, let's calm down and not be rude, this is a new thread lol. Someone will end up banned if they're flaming things here
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