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The Xiaomi Pistons Thread 2.0

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  1. Bakgrund
    Just recieved my silver pistons, they were a bit different from the gold ones so I though I'd share the differences :p
    First off, they've replaced the large eartips with some huge three leveled eartip, I haven't tried them as I know they will be way to huge for my tight ear-canals but some of you might appreciate them.
    And the second change is that they've added a small "MI" logo on the end of the cable to the earphones. You might also see the huge scratch on the earphone, am I the only one with that?
    They also got rid of the nice chocolate smell.
  2. slowpickr
    This is very BAD news!!
  3. Bakgrund
    Not sure if joking or dead serious.
  4. slowpickr
    Just kidding.  I did like that chocolate smell though [​IMG].
  5. 1clearhead

    How do they sound right out the box?
  6. arcwindz
    An official triple flange tips 0.o
    Now that's one thing i would love to try... Unfortunately it's impossible unless i bought the new one :frowning2:
  7. Bakgrund
    Just like the gold ones :p
    I'm not good at describing sound so I'll just the experts do that. http://www.head-fi.org/products/xiaomi-pistons-2-0-mk301/reviews/10159
  8. Badelhas
    I also have some silver one's coming. They look nice. I am glad to hear that yours don't come with the chocolate smell anymore because I received a second gold pair that didn't come with the chocolate smell, opposed to the first ones I ordered. They were both from ibuygou but for a moment I thought I got a fake ones just because it didn't have the smell.
  9. smy1
    wait does the real pistons gold ones smell chocolate?
  10. luberconn
    it resembles chocolate, yes.  just the rubber cord winder.  it fades away after time
  11. jon126
    Hey, if anyone wants to get the Xiaomi brown pistons for cheaper, ibuygou have them for 20USD with free shipping.  Probably trying to clear them out for the silver ones which are 6 bucks more expensive.  Also, it's only till the 8th October and they aren't shipping till the 5th because the team's having a break.
    Here's the link:
  12. HawkEye0701
    WOW those look pretty darn awesome (the silver ones). Well I don't know if I'll get the pistons or no...Just having my fingers crossed. SO yeah I am darn excited. :)
    The silver ones I believe can be kinda "2.2" as it's not just a colour change. Triple flanges and the MI logo and I guess the scratch maybe.And the shirt clip? O.o Those were meant to come with the iF edition.
  13. thatBeatsguy
    The 2.1s also come with a shirt clip, you know. The iF Edition had a special shirt clip with the iF Product Design Award thing engraved on it.
    Glad to see some reviews of the Silver Pistons coming in. At least my doubts on their sound is getting cleared up. Still need a new pair though...
  14. HawkEye0701
    Oh okay, didn't know that. Thanks for telling me. :)
  15. ozkan
    Have any of you guys tried to block the outer vents with a scotch tape? The bass is now tamed not as bassy and boomy like before and the mids especially vocals came upfront  with more detail. Soundstage suffered a bit but still quite good. I love my Pistons more now.[​IMG] 
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