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The Xiaomi Pistons Thread 2.0

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  1. haiku

     1more is the company, which designed and produced the old pistons for Xiaomi. I don´t think they would create a new piston (and also with the same sound engineer they hired for the 2.0/2.1), if it would sound worse than the old ones. Of course, sound preferences differ widely sometimes.....
  2. Happytalk
    As far as I know the consensus is that they are not quite the same which almost always equates to not as good. Even if they are now, technically better. I have an older pair of 2's. Fantastic. Not great for the subway though.
  3. haiku

    I doubt you´ll hear a difference in a double blind test. One reviewer on amazon says he owns the original P2 and they sound exactly the same. 
    Be that as it may, I think mine sound absolutely spectacular. [​IMG]
  4. SuperMAG
    No way its the same. May be similar sound signature but if audiple hears it he will definitely know.
  5. q87888
  6. fonkepala
    I'm using Comply T500 with my Xiaomi Piston 2.1. They isolate really well and fits the nozzle of the Piston perfectly.
  7. Happytalk
  8. nickdino
    what are the best modifications and eartips for the piston 3?
  9. grant2
    BTW these black tips are now much worse.  They inexplicably changed the shape, made the smaller.  If you want the old size of tips you need these, using the slightly worse clear material:
  10. DramatikBeats
    Does anyone know if these are still purchasable in the UK? my pair are almost dead and I'm looking for a worthwhile upgrade to them with mic
  11. basefi
    How does the 2.1's compare to Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD (2 +1 Hybrid)?? i really like the 2.1's sound but i want more bass out of it. not saying the bass is weak, i'm just a basshead and i'm used to stronger bass, aside from that the sound of 2.1 is perfect
  12. fonkepala
    I have both and to my ears and with my gears the Piston 2.1 has a lot more bass than the Xiaomi Pro HD (2DD 1BA) hybrid. Doing the vent hole mod on the latter boosts the bass somewhat but not by much from my experience.
  13. maxwelled
    Sorry to bring this dead/old thread up from the grave, but I've promised someone on here quite some time ago that I'd take pictures of removing the foam inside the Xiaomi Piston 2.1 while retaining the metal grill after the mod. So I will post pictures of how I modded the 2 that I have. The mod took me less than 5 minutes from start to finish.
    The tools that I used are common items for watch modding, and if you do any soldering work then I'm sure you have these types of pointed tweezers. As for the glue that I used it's specific for watch modding. However, you can use any kind - even super glue if you want.
    Step 1: With the pointed tip push straight down slowly, until puncture it.
    Step 2: Using the tweezer that punctured through the grill - lift upwards gently.
    Step 3: The grill will be lifted off at one end, now go around with the tweezer gently lifting the grill off the housing.
    Step 4: Remove the grill completely, and use the tweezer to fish out the foam.
    Step 5: Clean and use the tweezer to bend back the part of the grill where you punctured through. I didn't show the process, but it's pretty easy.
    Step 6: After cleaning the residual glue on the housing and grill, place the 'reformed' grill back on.
    Step 7: Apply glue very sparingly, only use a 'smidge' at the edges.
    Last step: Clean up the excess glue with some of acetone/nail polish remover. (Not necessary if you weren't rushing it like me, excuse the sloppy alignment of the grill - I've fixed it after this photo was taken and was too lazy to retake another lol)
    This mod is super easy and can greatly enhance the already 'amazing sounding' Xiaomi Piston 2.1's [​IMG]
    - Cheers and happy modding!
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