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The Xiaomi Pistons Thread 2.0

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  1. B9Scrambler
  2. vaziyetu
    i'm waiting to see some models more before starting to make reviews, especially soundmagic's. they're very cheap and having good reviews. i don't want to inform people wrong, like some others do. but really there's nothing much to talk about pistons. they're identical to brainwavz m4, recessed mids and narrow soundstage, just like it. search about m4, you'll see people pissed off eventually and want to change it. that kind of earphones are only for people that don't understands or used to earphones. they're the least you can get. after i used some normal earphones starting with koss ruk30. i understand that some of the mids actually was missing while listening to music. it's not quite appearent in pop-rap like light things but when listening to rock, classical or others, you feel there is always something missing. not clear enough which is making them just "unbearable" for someone who seeks quality. enough deep bass or enough treble clarity is not making it for piston & m4.
  3. B9Scrambler

    Thank you for expanding on the reasons why you dislike the Pistons. Much appreciated.
  4. Currawong Contributor
    A thread discussing a product is going to have both positive and negative comments. If any of you can't handle opinions you don't like, and feel the need to resort to personal attacks, let me say that is the most common reason that users end up locked out of threads and, in the worst cases, banned. 
    Everyone who posted in the last couple of pages must read the Posting Guidelines again and, thereafter, be civil please. Read them carefully. I'll know if you haven't. [​IMG]
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  5. The Dan of Steel
    Sprinkle below with salt as needed.
    I picked up a pair of the Paper/Brief/Colorful(?) Pistons from ibuygou in white. I didn't burn them in or anything but right out of the box I think they are great. I was curious about the Piston hype so I figured I'd jump in at ground level. I mean for $12 why not. I've been buying up the KZ IEMS like crazy for the same price so one more wouldn't hurt. I think they are fantastic, especially at the price! I know these aren't modable like the standard version but for throwing in the baby bag or car or whatever these things are better than anything I think I can get for double the price. Really only gripe is that they feel...well...like paper. They are so light and plasticy that they sound and feel like the tissue paper in clothing boxes. But all controls work on my CM11 Sammy S3. Treble is a little rolled off up top but that is fine as I have an issue with one ear and certain freqs. Bass is (to me) slightly accented but not unwelcome with most modern music. A little bleed but totally overlookable for this ridiculous price. Also, I don't know about the standard metal body but the plastic has nice round edges and I can totally sleep with these on with no protrusion or discomfort. Also because of the port on back I can still hear my surroundings and for me this works out great when I need that plus gives it a more airy sound. I really just wanted an IEM that would work with android controls w/mic and I found way more in this. I will be getting the regular version and getting a bunch more for Christmas gifts. Thanks to everyone.
    Any chance they are working on a 3.0 or something else? I think they are kind of saturating their own market with all these colors and versions but I suppose if I am buying up others might too.
  6. kova4a
    Yeah, people should relax. No need to get banned over a pair of iems. Of course there will always be positive and negative opinions about a certain product. For instance, I don't like the Pistons but my cat really likes to play with the shiny housings and especially likes to chew on the fabric sleeve of the cable.
  7. arcwindz
    This is the first time i see a written rule of 'don't feed the troll' lol. That's why the mod knows i have not read the rule :p
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  8. HawkEye0701

  9. The Dan of Steel
    Just received an email from ibuygou that the Piston is on sale until October 8th for 19.99US free shipping.
  10. whyeme
    For what it's worth, I sold off my Vsonic GR02 Bass Edition and Hippo VB iems as both of them sounded inferior to the gold pistons, TO ME. I have not heard the airy highs of the pistons from any other iems, except the Sennheiser IE800, which costs a small fortune. 
    Sound is, and will always be, subjective. 
  11. luberconn
    lol, nerd fight!!
  12. HawkEye0701

    Do you have the TTPOD-T1E as your Avatar? (Just askin) And nerd fight :/
  13. luberconn
    yes, that is the IEM i upgraded to after my pistons were destroyed.  
  14. slowpickr
    Good comments as usual.  What happened to the moderator kitten?
  15. luberconn
    i don't like having to be nice all the time.  it's like the rules just want everyone to be Mr. Niceguy.  that's not real at all.  i understand that personal attacks isn't cool, but some people have a rude or crude sense of humor or overall demeanor and being nice all the time just isn't fun.  
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