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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. Jones Bob
    I want one of the ALPS R27 dual concentric shaft 4 gang volume/balance potentiometers in either amp. :L3000:
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  2. BreadMaster
    3k USD? Bwahahah!! A used Kgsshv Carbon is better :)
  3. Sound Eq
  4. Tachikoma
    Just wondering, has anyone tried rolling ZMF pads with the SR007?
  5. nileppezdel77
    I have a few different ZMF pads, I could give it a shot. The Auteur pads look very similar to stock.
  6. nileppezdel77
    I just put my lambskin (unperforated) Eikon pads on my 007 Mkii. The pads feel like nicer leather, have a smaller ear opening, are shallower, and include a sewn in piece of fabric that covers the middle. I attached them with the existing Stax piece with the metal rod on it. My most immediate impression is that the seal is not as good. They don't feel like they fit properly on my head. Maybe the Ori pads would be better? I don't have any Ori pads. They feel like better leather. As for how they change the sound: Treble is a bit more recessed, doesn't sparkle like it was before - maybe the extra fabric dampening? The bass response has less rumble to it, sounds muddy. I'm really not a fan. It really makes the headphones sound... boring? Muted? even the soundstage is screwed up - much closer to the head. I love these pads on my Emu-Teak, but they suck in this application. 20 minutes is all I listened to them with.
    Tachikoma likes this.
  7. Tachikoma
    Interesting, someone told me that Auteur pads (perforated and unperforated) work really well though.
  8. nileppezdel77
    I have perforated Auteur pads, I could give it another go. They're the same thickness as the Eikon ones, but the openings are a bit bigger, more like the stock pads. I wonder how necessary that spring loaded grill thing is. Maybe I'll try removing that too.
  9. Tachikoma
    The spring helps the pad rotate and slightly increases the height of the pad. I'm not using it (I prefer how it sounds without the spring) but some people think its important.

    Also, the O2 pads have this "double lining" to fit the spring and still maintain a seal. With 3rd party pads its probably better to get rid of the spring.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
  10. nileppezdel77
    The ZMF pads still got a seal, I think the bigger problem was the smaller ear opening and the double layer of fabric covering. Forgot my Auteur pads at home this morning (Stax setup is at the office because there aren't cats leaving hair everywhere here), but I do want to try it without the spring and with the bigger opening. Plus, perforated and suede. Should make a pretty big difference.
  11. adrenalight
    Hello friends, I have some question regarding the Sr007 version. I've recently purchased an used 007A locally, and the previous owner has lost all the paperwork, original box, and even peeling off the serial sticker on the headphone. The headphone condition is mint though. It does have the Stax fart, and I'm sure that the previous owner has not modded them in anyway. Can someone share the insight to distinguish which version I got? Got really confused with the whole sz2 3 etc. thingy.
  12. Scgorg
    If it farts then the front volume is sealed. Since you are 100% certain the headphone is unmodded this means that you have a 007mk1. Does it have champagne/brown-ish pads and headband or black pads and headband? If black it is a late mk1 and if brown/champagne colored it is early mk1.
  13. adrenalight
    The headband and pads are black. It has a marking on top said SR007-A, and purchased in Japan though. And the housing is silver not champagne, so I don't think that it is a MK1. My friend used to have a Mk1 and it looks different
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2019
  14. adrenalight
    Additional information: it was purchased new in Japan, 2016. The previous owner was the only owner and did not mod the headphone in anyway.
  15. Scgorg
    How easily does it fart then? It should strictly speaking not fart if it was bought in 2016 due to the porting, though you can always force it with enough pressure.

    Edit: If it was bought new in japan in 2016 you most likely have the latest version unless the shop he bought it from had some decently old stock. Commonly referred to as MK2.9
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