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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. patatchod
    Thanks for your answer ! I like it :thumbsup:
  2. BreadMaster
    Lol, you're not done until getting the new omega flagship. :wink:
  3. beholdclarity

    I just bought l700 earpads to upgrade my l300 limited.
    Unfortunately they don’t fit. It seems the pegs are little shorter or there is some obstruction.

    Am I doing it wrong? Or do I need other l700 pads? It seems the mk ii l700 utilizes different earpads than the mk i. Is that right?
  4. VRacer-111
    I had same fit issue with L700 pads on both my L300 and L300 Limited... would not stay put whatsoever, just come right out. Fixed by actually carefully removing the L700 leatherpad from its plastic base with pegs and switching it over to the L300 plastic base (after removing the L300 pads from its base). Not difficult just somewhat tedious to do.
  5. beholdclarity
    Got it! I had to fiddle out the plastic backing of my original pads and insert them into the l700 pads
  6. beholdclarity
    One more stupid question:

    My 353x has a RCA out. What would one use that for?
    What could I possibly feed my 353x to, other than a pair of stax headphones?
  7. nileppezdel77
    It's a parallel out. It's just to allow you to chain equipment by sending the signal through to the next piece of equipment. My DAC has only one output, so I was running RCA to my Stax energizer and then out to my headphone amp. Also, because it's passive, you don't need to have the energizer on for it to pass through.
  8. beholdclarity
    Update on my upgrade session.
    So I was switching out the L300 ltd earpads with the L700 pads. The operation was easy enough, once I figured out I had to switch the plastic bases on the pads.
    The comfort is noticeably better. I didn't have problems with the L300 ltd but the L700 pads feel smoother, softer and more premium. That, I like.

    The L700 pads are quite a bit thicker, thus they increase the distance to the speakers creating a little more sense of space. The ear speakers seem wider now.
    I liked how the L300 ltd had a very lively, sparkly -almost tingly, but never harsh- treble. Unfortunately, I have to crank up the volume a bit to get similar results with the new pads.
    They sound much smoother and more laid back at the cost of detail/speed in the treble. It's like solid state vs tube, I guess.

    To further elaborate, the L300 Ltd hit every note harder, strings are cleaner up top and the bass is tighter, with the stock pads. This for me has become “the stax magic”. The L700 pads take away a bit of that magic. Not enough to ruin them, but it’s a 200 usd trade-off that I see no point in.

    I'll stick with the L300 ltd earpads and keep it completely unmodified. I guess I can't improve perfect
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  9. afgmjkl
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  10. Soundwave76
    Anybody know what's new in these?
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  11. arielext
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  12. BreadMaster
    Hot dam!!! New Stax Omega coming boys! :D
  13. afgmjkl
    I don't know if new Omega will come out because I haven't heard anything about it recently.
    So please don't get your hopes up.
  14. JimL11
    No idea about the 700S amp, but the 700T amp seems to be the same circuit as the T1/006 circuit going back to the 1990s, except using a 6SN7 tube instead of the 6CG7/6FQ7. The 6SN7 has the same specs as the 6CG7/6FQ7 with the exception of slightly increased plate dissipation of the 6CG7 (5.7 watts combined) vs the 6SN7 (5.0 watts combined), although the 6SN7GTA/B has increased plate dissipation (7.5 watts combined). So it's just a slightly different flavor sound -really lazy "engineering," if you can even call it that, since you can do the same thing by using a 6CG7 to 6SN7 tube adapter plug. Also, I'm not sure why they are bragging about using WIMA capacitors since the T1/006 circuit is DC coupled.

    Unfortunately, Stax has not seen fit to update the output section, which still uses resistor loads rather than the constant current sources that Stax uses in their solid state amps, so the drive capability remains significantly worse (340 VRMS at 1 kHz) compared to their solid state designs (450VRMS at 1 kHz). Substituting a constant current load for a resistor load in the output section would more than double the effective output capability while decreasing distortion. It's what I did with my SRM-T1 mod.
  15. arnaud Contributor
    Fujiya announced msrp is ~3kUSD for either version (295kJPY domestic)
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