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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. nanosword
    When people say SR-009 too clinical and too bright I thought it will be no soul withit and harsh .

    But when I get this headphone with kgsshv carbon (birgir/mjolnir-audio) it is the the most musicality headphone .

    to get the most of this headphone you need rca/xlr to brings warmth and color to the 009 or 007 because it is really natural and there is no any color.
    you have the ability to color your headphone from scratch using your best cables or tube any thing you prefer .

    When I say natural not the amps or cables brings natural ability to the stax it is the sound signature of the headphone it is the driver of stax being natural.

    how I hear 009 a lot of details and best image you can get flexible sound stage a lot of air between instruments and most transparent headphone .
    not harsh not too bright .

    please don't say there is no bass to this headphone because I can get the amount of bass that what I like to enjoy .

    did I forget to mention it is freaking speedy active dynamic headphone ?

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  2. DelsFan
    Thank your for your thoughts!
    I think surely with minimal tube rolling I'll be able to enjoy the KGGG or BHSE with SR-009s and be happy for a long while.
    If I become dissatisfied I'll commission a T2.
    If I grow weary of that I'll find another hobby. Or, heaven forbid, go to a speaker setup.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
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  3. bmichels
    Wait till you try the SR009S . :dt880smile: . Even more musical ! ( I have booth: 009 & 009S with the BHSE)
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  4. VandyMan
    If you had to pick only one to keep, which would it be?
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  5. bmichels
    009S : it is a perfect compromioze between 009 and 007
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  6. oneguy
    Those plans ended up being scrapped because I couldn’t get everyone together in June and I ended up moving from
    Japan in July :/
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  7. DelsFan
    I understand. One day (a decade or two back) I was minding my own business, two days later I was quitting my job and planning a move to England!
    It seems the BHSE and KGGG are very similar, since Kevin designed both of them. Do you know what some of the minor differences are? I see you still have the KGGG, if you were starting from nothing and going to build one of the two, is that the one you'd stick with?
  8. oneguy
    I bought my KGGG from Soren so I cant comment on the efforts involved in building between the two. One the price front, it was much cheaper to have one built by him than to get a BHSE from HeadAmp. If I had to do it over again I would still stick with the KGGG build.
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  9. phaeton70
    I had a BHSE for more than 1Y, and now I'm enjoying a KGGG (Soren build).
    me too if I had to choose again would stick with KGGG.
    tube wise, I largely prefer the KGGG with the JJ 6CA7 over the SED =C= EL34 and the XF2, but this of course will depend on personal taste.
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  10. DelsFan
    Thanks very much.

    And dang, I sure wish I hadn't clicked, out of curiosity, here: FS: Topaz Transformer https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fs-new-topaz-91091-31-isolation-transformer.895398/

    Or then here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/top...ansformers-for-affordably-clean-power.857448/

    I have a dedicated power line coming from my circuit-breaker box directly to my IsoTek Sirius EVO3 (by directly, I mean no duplex receptacle in-between but the "cord" terminates at the IEC plug at the power conditioner). But I know I've still got some deficiencies with my AC setup.

    PM Sent :rolling_eyes:
  11. florence
    Any recommendations regarding suitable DAC for SR007A mk2 blutack mod & KGSSHV (mjölnir)?

    I've been using ifi idsd bl label with a neutrik rca to xlr adapter. Still, I wonder whether getting budget friendly balanced dac would be significant difference in terms of sound quality overall. Thanks!
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  12. Tugbars
    Denafrips Ares II is good as entry level DAC.
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  13. ahmedie
    Get topping D70 dual! akm dac work wonderfully with stax! But r2r is also very good ... stax are very revealing of source you will definitely hear a sizable difference, for me i preferred cheaper dac over expensive one haw
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019
  14. ahmedie
    I bought mjolnir srd 7 and my short impression is this is very revealing device of connected amplifier. I tried with following amplifier:

    1- icepower 1200as poweramp (1000$): bright treble with high resolution, super speedy and tight bass with super fast decay and little punch. transparent mid, and congested sound stage, very analytical sound unpleasant typical class D sound.
    2- bladelius tyr 2/II (3500$): very extended smooth highs, high resolution. little thin sounding mid. bass is tight and bigger sounding than mid/high but also punchy with good quantity and very good details too. sweet sound overall. more open than above amp but still little congested sound stage.
    3-denon 1600ne(1000$): rolled off treble, good details, hug sound stage, like literally 2 x times my 323s amplifier. not tightest bass and looser but very good quantity. super warm sound.

    srd 7 is really transparent transformer and the only problem is congested sound stage, as only amp no.3 was able to pull out big sound stage. no.1 and no.2 amp was struggling to expand sound stage beyond headphone physical shape. imaging is excellent though. no.2 amp sound wonderful as the price tag would suggested only sound stage was little smaller than 323s size, and I love sound stage so I will keep looking ! Also driver control is miles over my 323s, as each sound is a pure reflection of the amp connected to.

    Edit: resolved congested sound-stage problem by reversing plus/minus speaker cable since i had phase issues !
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
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  15. patatchod
    I use a NAD M51 to feed my SRM717 & SR007Mk2 modded. I've compared the NAD to my SP1000SS and the difference is clearly for the NAD. In fact, as said before, the SR007Mk2 is a very good revelator of the source level that feed it.
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