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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. adrenalight
    Just a little push on the cup while plugged in and the amp is on, relatively same as the previous lambdas I owned. I didn't know that it was a MK2.9. How is that version differ from the mk2.5?
  2. Scgorg
    According to Spritzer the main difference between MK2.9 and 2.5 is superior midrange reproduction in favour of 2.9. Commonly said to be the best version of 007.
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  3. adrenalight
    Does it benefit from the blu tack mod? The headphone sounds better than other Mk2/007A I've previously listened to, may be due to the version differences. The mid bass is still kinda too much liking however.
  4. Tugbars
    Since 3 years, all sr007s are mk 2.9.
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  5. georgep
    Fixed that for you, as that is only in relation to iterations of the 007a/007Mk2.
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  6. georgep
    sr007Mk2 has been sz3 since 2007. sr007a (the domestic Japan version of the Mk2) used sz2 serials for quite some time - not sure about what is being used currently - so is what you are saying in relation to the sr007a now also being sz3?
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  7. adrenalight
    so it is safe to say that mine is the mk2.9/sz3 then. Does it benefit much from the bass port mod? If it could improve on the mid bass hump it will be perfect.
  8. divasson

    As I had to repair a couple of old Stax Lambdas, broken on the side "D" piece, I have created a 3D-printed piece:


    to enable some movement, I have created the axis as a separate part printed inside the other:


    You can find the part in eBay or in a webshop: www.thecalculatorstore.com/Stax-Lambda-headband-side
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  9. BreadMaster
    Any perceivable difference between the SR-009BK and the vanilla 009?
  10. bmichels
    I have ordered a quad NOS Mullard xf2 EL34 for my BHSE.

    To make a perfect matched set, my tube supplier needs few infos about the BHSE:

    I already got the infos "plate voltage is 400v, current is 18-20mA, EL34 operates in triode mode" but... I miss the " bias voltage value" for the BHSE Does someone know it ?


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  11. Scgorg
    Bias voltage as in the bias supplied to the diaphragm? That would be 580V.
  12. bmichels
    no, i do. It believe so. On my tube tester I can adjust bias voltage from -16v to -60v and it recommande -36v for EL34. But may be the BHSE uses another value.

  13. bmichels
    OK, so I got the info. Justin from headAmp suggests to use Bias Voltage between -25v to -30v for matching tubes for the BHSE.
  14. ahmedie
    I heard the sz2 at yodobashi in yokohama shop, it was so good sounding headphone indeed !! I thought the bass quantity and quality wise was crazy good ... the demo headphone looked really old
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  15. DelsFan
    Is it June yet? :)

    I tried to read a lot of posts, and a lot of your posts, but didn't see that you got back to specifically comparing the KGGG and BHSE. I've been researching for too long, and buying a few things this year to try. Been to a lot of headphone meets; it's time to settle in on some type of end-game system. But not a T-2, yet. I've been trying the MySphere headphones and like them a lot, currently trying to make them comfortable on my head for long listening sessions (got them on my head now, not plugged in, with a little strategic experimental padding).

    One conclusion I've reached: after hearing the MySpheres I can't go back to dynamic/planer designs.
    Another: While the Raal ribbons might be great after the Jot-R is released, I'd want a tube-based preamp in the chain, or tube buffer, necessitating another power cord, interconnect, some more vibration isolation... I'm just not into that; I've got enough entanglement as it is!

    Interconnects on Rack - smaller.jpeg
    One day when I get caught up with everything else, in 2025, I'll hang some rods/dowels from the ceiling, using cotton or silk thread, and get rid of the broken but quite strategically re-purposed clothes rack.

    I originally decided against the SR-009 system because I was afraid (based on the experience of others) they would end up being too clinical.

    However, now I've come to these two (or more) conclusions and would be glad to hear people's advice:
    1) With either the BHSE or the KGGG, surely I can do a very minimal amount of tube rolling to suit my listening tastes. I've been into high-end audio for 40 years; I like well-produced music and don't care if I miss out on the last 5% of bass extension. I do want to be "involved", at the small expense of detail if absolutely necessary - hence my love of tubes.
    2) While an electrostatic setup will preclude using its amplifier for other duties, that can be an advantage (no temptation to have a pair or two of planers and a pair or two of dynamics laying around for mood swings!).
    3) Lastly, the idea of a T-2 in the future is appealing, if only for something to look forward to later. If I start wondering if the 009s with one of the two aforementioned amps is "sufficient" or if I would have been happier with something else (Raal or MySphere), there is no wondering if one is fortunate to be able to just order a T-2 instead, correct?

    Comments will be appreciated; is there much between the BHSE or KGGG; are there any advantages of one over the other? If I find a real good used sample of either, by a good builder, just buy it and enjoy? Surely I can do some tube rolling to suit, while still not "ruining" the sound?
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
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