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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. dgozalie
  2. Mach3
    Here's mine.
    I used 470uF instead with WIMA FKP2 as bypass cap.

    [​IMG] C4 & C5 change to WIMA, C37-C40 changed to higher voltage.

    Mod is most noticeably with SR-007 as they start to give out further up the volume, than before the mods.
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  3. Tugbars
    I have both Carbon & SRM252S and i make my friends(who are interesting in buying estats equipment) listen to 007 through both amps to show them the difference between amps.

    The loudness isn't the problem with SRM252S. I spent some time to compare both, here is my impressions:

    -You can only hear main sound layers like the most apparent melodies in the song with SRM252s. Other layers get obscured, darkened or simply blended in with other sounds that you can't hear them anymore
    -Soundstage is gone. You still can figure out that 007 has decent amount of soundstage but all there is only the ruins of the soundstage after the signal is destroyed by the amp.
    -All you hear is mid-range. Other frequencies feel like they are diminished to sound like midrange sounds too.
    -bass is boomy and totally out of control
    -Sound is overall awfully distorted. awfully. I remember i was asking myself, "am i damaging the diaphragm right now? A driver isn't supposed to produce sounds like that."
    -sound signature of 007 becomes totally dark.

    With lambdas, the difference between 2 amps isn't this significant. Sometimes i wonder what causes such dramatic differences on 007 with different amps.
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  4. tigon_ridge
    The 252s would struggle to move current through the 007, as it already does with the L300. I imagine that would be the cause for all of that awful distortion you heard. I occasionally hear them with the L300, when the music gets loud enough.
  5. dgozalie
  6. Mach3
    Hi dgozalie
    How old is your SRM-252s unit?
    As I notice variance in mine and your circuit layout
  7. Hubert481
    Deleted - wrong thread - sorry
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019
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  8. AtrafCreez
    גנוג ודי בסר Genug v'Dai besser
  9. bmichels
    A new comer arrived today to complement my SR009 for listening in duo with the BHSE : a Stax SR009s :gs1000smile:

    IMG_2918.jpeg IMG_2924.jpeg IMG_2923.jpeg

    It complement my beloved old HE500 driven by the EC445. I am now waiting for delivery of a ZMF Verite Closed.

    Listening report SR009 V/S SR009s soon...
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019
  10. ahmedie
  11. bmichels
    Another upgrade to my BHSE/Stax SR009 system: Just after the SR009S, I received the new BHSE's Unbrilical cable from Justin.

    it is much more flexible and thinner; and... it seems the sound is clearer and more dynamic (unless it is some placebo effect :k701smile: )

    Or... the reason may be that the bare copper wire in my (quite old) original cable were oxidated. This is why the new cable uses now silver plated wire instead that will never oxidize.

    BHSE unbrilical cable detail.jpeg BHSE unbrilical cable.jpeg
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
  12. bmichels
    Well ... here are my initial listening impresions with the 009S v/s 009: the 009s must be softer, because with him I can work while listening music which with the SR009 I can't ! OK ... I agree it is not a very acurate report !

    More seriously, with the 009s, I really have no regrets for the 007 that I just sold : the 009s is more pleasant than the 009 without losing the accuracy of 009. It is Easier for long listening sessions with soften treble .... the best of both worlds ... :) (but may be the new unbilical cable also have an impact ? I have the 2 changes made in parallel, and I do not want to come back to the old cable just to see which change impact most ...)

    note: I will receive soon a quad of NOS Mullard xf2 EL34 carefuly tested and matched for me. I'm still waiting for them to finalize my "ultimate BHSE/Stax upgrade"
  13. some1x
    Ugh, my KGSS Grounded Grid just died... fuse blew and wont power up with new fuse. Didn't notice any smells or weird sounds from tubes. Is there any quick debugging that I can do?
  14. patatchod
  15. JimL11
    Replacing electrolytic caps in old electronics is more about reliability than sonics. The life expectancy of consumer grade electrolytic capacitors is around 15-20 years. After that the failure rate goes up significantly. It's a bit like changing the oil in your automobile - think of it as routine maintenance to prevent problems down the line. Paying for a set of replacement caps is significantly cheaper than paying to repair a blown amp. Sound may or may not improve depending on how much the caps have deteriorated.

    Also, modern electrolytics have decreased in size for the same capacity, so the large PS caps could be replaced with with caps having the same size and voltage rating but higher capacitance. That could improve the sound.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
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