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The Stax SR-L500 and SR-L700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by crazychile, Oct 27, 2015.
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  1. realstar
    How are the mids/upper mids on the L700 compared to a normal bias lambda? I like a bit of energy up there for my metal music. The normal bias lambda was acceptable but I wouldn't want anything more laid back than that. The Sigma Pro was too laid back for me for instance. I like my Beyerdynamic ET1000 a lot. They are like the Grado of electrostats. Very good for metal/rock/pop/synth and other modern types of music.
  2. edstrelow Contributor
    Your  comments make me more likely to get  into the SR-L700.  You may be interested in the damping arrangements I have come up with for the Lambdas. This takes them to a much higher level of performance, better dynamics, timbre and less harshness.   
    The best arrangement I have come up with so far is  gluing small pieces of 1/4 inch sorbothane on the baffle that holds the driver. 100_0139.jpg
     although now I use smaller pieces  while keeping the amount of sorb about the same.
    I ma very happy with my two lambdas (LNS and 404) damped this way, especially the 404 so I am unlikely to buy the complete 700.  What I really want is to get two 700 drivers and put them in my last remaining Sigma. 
  3. Richard941
    Has anyone been able to listen to the SR-L500 and SR-L700?
  4. luvmusik
    Same interest...hope someone has heard both new Lambdas and can give us their impressions comparatively. How close are they to each other, and listening differences between them, please.
  5. mulveling Contributor
    Buy both and find out. Most people who can afford both will skip the L500 and only get the L700, often to supplement a 007 or 009. Stax got the sonic balance on the L700 exactly right -- it's a very enjoyable headphone, if not as detailed as the 007/009. If you can afford it, get the L700 and don't worry about the L500.
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  6. luvmusik
    Understand completely. Would never buy both at same time, only one makes sense; thus what at least 2 of us are wondering is how close the L500 gets to the L700. If they are fairly close, the dollars decision may overide getting the best (L700) for now in the meantime. Understand where the L700 sits in regard to 007 & 009, and know it is nice to jump right up to the best L700 if possible. But some folks may want to try the L500, either for dollar reasons, or if the sound pleases them enough so. It is exciting to have a new Lambda, and 2 models to hear. The L500 is getting less attention, of course, and hope to learn from someone who has heard the L500.
    Would also like to find out from someone hearing the L500, how the L500 compares in all ways to the L700 and also to these -
    Airbow SR-SC11
    SR 404-LE
    Lambda Nova Signature
    Lambda Normal Bias
    Koss ESP-950
  7. Ali-Pacha
    Apart from pads' angle, I think L500 and 507 are pretty identical. Same price on PJ, BTW.

  8. luvmusik
    That's a good point about PJ, interesting. Wonder if the 507 will be dropped out of the line.
  9. seaice
    I have been using HD800 for years with Leben CS-600 and KT-120 tubes. It is a great combo but I have been always tempted to try some Staxes to asses what the Stax fuss is about. After a couple of hours with the SR-L700, I really like these headphones. I have no proper amp for them. I feed them via the Stax SRD-7 energizer from my Leben CS-600 but the sound is impressive. I like the speed, clarity, natural tonality and details without any hint of harshness. It is too soon to make conclusions and comparisons with my HD800. Both have stronger and weaker aspects. More listening will reveal more.
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  10. mulveling Contributor
    Sell the dynamic rig and pickup a KGST and Yggy; thank me later.
  11. shabta
    He is also using the Leben to power his Focal 1007be, a sublime combo...
  12. seaice
    Thank you :) I will be looking for a Stax amp sooner or later. What is the best match for the SR-L700? KGST, KGSSHV (Carbon) ... ? I am totally new in the Stax world and, unfortunately, there are no people with Stax amps around. I would like to try some amps first. It was a long and pricey way to find the best match for my HD800. I would like to avoid amp mistakes with the SR-L700 and I am just happy with the SRD-7 at the moment.
  13. Ali-Pacha
    Mulveling is right...direct-drive amping is the best way to go with Stax phones : SRD boxes are kinda cheap and will be the bootleneck of your system, and hi-end solutions using transformers are as rare and as expensive a Frank "insane" Cooter amp can be [​IMG]
  14. Rhamnetin
    These comments are exciting.  I'll have my L700 in about a month, just in time for the new year.  Can't wait.
  15. audiokid
    I own the L-700, and I think they're great. Paired with the 006ts Kimik Energiser. 
    More detailed, open and spacious than the 507, which I have always been very fond of too. They're easier to drive, more frequency extremes, wider sound stage. The L-700 are lighter to wear, but on the downside, I like the metal construction on the 507, they feel more sturdy. 
    I don't know whether the new 853x would be a better match than the 006ts Kimik, although some have said the latter is an excellent pairing. I think they sound sublime, but haven't heard them with anything else yet. 
    FWIW, I think the L-700 are very close to the 009, which I once owned. Perhaps I prefer the L-700 but the 009 were a while back. Prefer the 009 build though. 
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