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The Stax SR-L500 and SR-L700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by crazychile, Oct 27, 2015.
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  1. nemomec
    The new SR-L700 is for me not like the other Lambda models, it is comparable and very close! to the SR-009. The SR-507 has harsher highs, a more V shaped frequency response and sounds to my ears a little bit technical. The SR-L700 sounds more natural and balanced, the bass has more structure and all is more cleaner. There are for me no other Lambda modell they can reach the performance of the SR-L700. I prefered the Lambda Nova Signature and the Lambda Signature but the SR-L700 is in a other league and for me one of the best headphones you can buy today.
  2. Keithpgdrb

    I dont understand the above statement.  just to clarify, you are saying that if given the chance, purchase the LNS or LS over the L700? yes?
    Still looking for comparisons to the Normal bias original and the Airbow sc1, 404le, etc.. the other TOP lambdas.
  3. Sorrodje
    Yup. I'm a bit skeptical about any "it's in another league" statement. 
  4. thinker
    I have compared almost 2 weeks L-700 to 009.With Stax amps i prefer 009 slightly above 700 but with  ml27.5/Verto i mostly prefer 700 above 009 because the midrange is better meatier with more strenght you hear it easy with female vocals.I guess the 700 is a excellent match with BHSE somehow
    the 700 needs current to open up.
  5. Keithpgdrb
    I wonder how the 700 would fare with something like the smr1-mk2.  that amp has some nice juice.
  6. nemomec
    No, sorry for my bad english. The Nova Signature and the Signature followed by Lambda normal Bias was in the past the best Lambda models for me, now the SR-L700 outperformes these and also the rest of the Lambda line. The new SR-L700 is for me on the level of a good SR-007 MK2, only the SR-009 and SR Omega, maybe early SR-007 MK1´s are a little bit better but i think some prefer the SR-L700 on Stax amps, the other need strong amps to shine. The price of the SR-L700 is to low, i think Stax dont´t sell in the future enough SR-007 Mk2 and SR-009, they are to expensive compared to the performance of the Advanced Lambda.
    The SR-404LE is for me a good looking average Lambda model, Airbow SC1 and SC21 is nice but for me not top Lambda models. I prefer the older Lambda sound up to the Nova series.
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  7. nemomec

    If serviced the SRM-1 Mk2 Pro is a good amp for the SR-L700, i testet the SR-L700 on SRM Monitor and they sounds very good.
  8. Ali-Pacha
    Your post is a bit strange since all these headphones are very different IME
    Lambda NB : very euphonic, lacks impact somewhere, shortened bass and highs, typical Stax medium with a touch of nasal tone
    Lambda Signature : extreme out-of-this-world sound. Very bright but not etched at all. Good mids but not as lovely as NB. Curiously very strong bass slam (strongest of all the Lambda I've owned / tested)
    Lambda Nova Signature : flat and neutral. Very neutral. Far more details / plankton than the two above. Slightly more impact, but not as much bass as Lambda Signature
    SR-007mk1 : close to the latter, with more meat / details / bass, but needs very strong amp to get some impact / engaging sound
    SR-009 : the best one for me. Meat, extension, impact, detail, soundstage, etc...Not disappointing with average amp like SR-007mk1, but do benefit strongly from powerful amping
    SR-303 to 407 : very impactful, but grainy / aggressive in the high-mids (those are etched, no doubt), shortened bass, cold somewhere. The more electrodynamic voiced Stax.
    I'm a true 009 lover, but when looking at Lambda, I feel there are much more different voicings for different tastes than better / weaker ones. So L700 comparisons can't really be "better than xxx Lambda" IMO.
    YMMV / 2 cents.

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  9. nemomec
    Yes the Lambdas models are different, but i have made only a objective ranking for the new SR-L700 inside the electrostatic headphone range. Compared to the Lambda´s the bass goes deeper and harder, midrange are more clear, soundstage is a little bit above on the level like the old Lambdas and highs are very smooth, resolution is on SR-009 level. The new Lambda frequency response are very close to SR-009, the 009 has more transparency and a little bit bigger soundstage, SR-L700 is smoother and forgiving. For me sounds the SR-L700 like the little brother of SR-009 and much different than any other Lambda model (haven´t heard the new SR-L500). I will rank the new Lambda after my favorite electrostatic headphones SR-009, SR-Omega and HE-90 on the same Level with SR-007 MK1 and HE-60 and above SR-007 MK2, Sigma Pro/404, Lambda Nova Signature.
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  10. Keithpgdrb

    Man, I find it unbelievable that the L700 has been mentioned more than a few times in comparison to the 009.  Regardless of many things, to be included in that conversation is high praise indeed.  and for the price, it really seems to be an obvious choice, especially when the price of so many other "flagship" cans  is well above the L700.  Now, you need an amp of course.  But if you already own one, it seems pretty worthy of adding to a collection.  I will keep watching the reviews, and maybe selling off some gear in the end.
  11. mulveling Contributor
    I love my L700 and really glad I purchased it, but I don't find it to be all that similar to a 009. I really hate making Grado comparisons because that's kinda insulting to Stax, but as far as detail and clean edges/accuracy go the L700 to 009 would be kind of like RS-2 w/ flats (older version; don't know newer ones) to HP1000 w/ flats -- you know when you hear a HP1000 the first time how (besides being the most neutral Grado) every note has such palpable weight and density vs the more modern Grados. The 009 also has a bigger soundstage and better imaging too. The L700 is a little looser and warmer where the 009 is impeccably tight, clean, and perfect. That said, I can easily see people preferring the L700 until you get to the BHSE/T2 level. I love the 009 with KGSShv (and I prefer it) but I can see it being a too cold/dry for some, and hence then the L700/KGST would be preferable. The L700 w/ KGST may well be the sweet spot for vocal/midrange lovers until you can spring a really top echelon amp with 009 -- it's very organic and soulful while remaining pretty clean. Also I find there to be plenty of bass on the L700; I think they struck a really nice balance (though not as tight and clean as the 009). The L700 reminds me more of a refined/improved Lambda Pro than a scaled down 009. And once again -- I don't know if I'll ever feel the urge to listen to my 007 Mk I again, lol.
    My Carbon comes soon; that'll be interesting to see which direction it takes both headphones.
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  12. Sorrodje
    @mulveling : No exeperience or comparison against a SR-507 for example ?  thks. 
  13. Keithpgdrb

    I am just impressed that from a performance perspective, more people draw reference to the 009, and not other headphones.  It hasnt been this way for a long time.  every higher end lambda model has been met with much criticism and complaint from many.  Not all of course.  I know there is no perfect headphone for everyone.  I think its a pretty big deal that the new lambda is finally carrying characteristics from the high end models..  I wouldnt assume that they are in the same class at all.  at least they shouldnt be.  but its still impressive.
  14. mulveling Contributor
    Sorry, nope. Lambda Pro, Lambda Signature, 007 Mk I, 009, he90/hev90 is all I've heard from electrostats. Enough people have said enough about the 507 that I don't want one, though.
  15. Keithpgdrb
    upgrading is always a guessing game for me.  I recently acquired the airbow sc1.  and I do like it along with my NB lambda.  But I am considering the upgrade.  especially at that price. 
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