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The Stax SR-L500 and SR-L700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by crazychile, Oct 27, 2015.
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  1. edstrelow Contributor
    I see that Stax has posted data and pix on the new phones.  Here is the 700:
  2. RAZRr1275
    Does anyone have impressions about the L700 vs the 007?
  3. seaice
    I have ordered the SR-L700 and hope to get them soon. It will be my first experience with Stax headphones. I have been a happy HD800 owner for many years but I would like to try some Staxes. I do not know anything about the Stax amps. I have decent speaker amps (Leben CS-600, VTL ST-85 and Classe CA-2100) and I have bought the Stax SRD-7 energizer to use my speaker amps with the SR-L700. I am a bit scared that I can damage the SR-L700 fed through the SRD-7 from my speaker amps. I there any real danger?
    I will post first impressions and comparison with my HD800 after receiving the SR-L700.
  4. JustinBieber
    Looking forward to your impressions. I'm also using the HD800. I've tried the 202, 507, and Lambda Pro. Wasn't a big fan of any of them.
    The only headphone I've liked more than the HD800 is the 009. Still saving up for the damn things.... hopefully the L700 will be a good middle ground between them.
  5. mulveling Contributor
    I think it's pretty much what most of us expected, going in. The 007 (I only have the Mk I) is warmer sounding and scales better with amplification. Once you get to the level of a really good KGSShv build, the 007 will exceed the L700 in resolution, refinement, and soundstage (but I also find the 009 to be better than 007). That said the L700 has a nice neutral balance that lies between 007 and 009 -- which is going to appeal to a lot of folks, including myself. It seems much easier to drive, and I find it particularly excels on the KGST w/ Yggy -- I've been enjoying this combo a lot! The L700 sounds much more like a lambda than a 00x, as far as resolution and soundstage/imaging go (I've had the Lambda Pro and Lambda Signature) -- despite the new drivers looking so much like the 009. But it's a really enjoyable lambda.
    I tend to enjoy the L700 w/ KGST a little more than the 007 Mk I w/ KGSShv (it's not as good on the KGST), even though the latter has superior resolution/imaging. I still enjoy the 009 w/ KGSShv most of all, and it's definitely superior in resolution, but still the L700 system comes pretty close in overall ability to just sit back and enjoy the music to the maximum amount possible.
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  6. JustinBieber
    How was the soundstage in comparison to the HD800? The 507 and other Lambdas I used to have sounded really boxed in.
  7. RAZRr1275

    Which would you say does better with vocals?
  8. Jodet
    I had 507's and a 323 and replaced that setup with my HD800's and a tube amp.   That was five years ago.   I liked the spacey soundstage and comfort of the HD800 over the detail of the 507.   
    I'm very interested in the L700 vs HD800 comments.   
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  9. mulveling Contributor
    I've always had difficulty enjoying the HD800, whenever I've tried it. I think the treble sounds harsh and awful compared to any decent Stax setup. Also it takes a hell of a lot of amp to make the bass decent and to get the overall sound to gel together. Also I think the top Stax have a far better midrange. Admittedly the HD800 sounds pretty good with a balanced dynahi or SDS XLR -- but with other amps, including the GSX-2, I just don't "get" the sound of the HD800 being lauded. I think I'd prefer the L700 with a KGST over any HD800 system on earth. And the 009 out of a DIY T2 is on another level entirely. 
    To be fair, soundstage is not my top priority here...these are headphones after all, lol.
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  10. mulveling Contributor
    Perhaps a cop-out, but they both do pretty fabulous with vocals and it's going to come down to personal preference and what amp you're running. I think the KG tube amps are where it's at if vocals are your #1 priority. If you have a BHSE, the 007 Mk I is tough to beat there. If you have a KGST, the 007 will be held back enough to where L700 is a better choice.
  11. Ali-Pacha
    How does L700 compare to Lambda Signature IYO ?

  12. mulveling Contributor
    I like the lambda sound; I really do appreciate all 3 versions I've experienced in my home, including the Signature -- but that particular model was too tipped up in energy up top for my tastes. It wasn't harsh or fatiguing, and it did have some nice bass slam, it's just not my preferred balance. The L700 is nicely balanced and warmer; it sounds much more like a refined Lambda Pro. Lately I'd been thinking of picking up a decent condition Pro for myself, but with the L700 now that won't be necessary.
    In my current stable, the 007 Mk I is getting squeezed out of all listening time. Well detailed and refined, but a bit too warm and dull on my amps (even on the KGSShv). A really nice headphone for sure, and I keep it around largely in case a BHSE ever ends up here -- but that seems less likely as time goes on, and it's looking like I'll finalize on a 009/Carbon (incoming) on one side and L700/KGST on another (two fine Stax systems is enough). 
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  13. PATB Contributor
    So I take it that the L700 with KGSSHV is pretty much redundant if one already has an SR-009? I guess my wallet can rest a little.
  14. mulveling Contributor
    Yeah, there's really no need unless you want to become a Stax enthusiast with different systems/perspectives (which I enjoy, as I'm very enthusiastic about Stax), or if you find the 009 to be just too bright for your tastes. A nice KGSShv build will show the 009 to be the superior transducer, quite easily in fact. But say if you want to sweeten up the mids (e.g. for vocals) at any cost then you either have to go beyond a KGSShv for your 009, or drop down to a KGST -- which is where it gets a little more interesting, as the KGST will rob the 009 of some of its abilities, but not so with the L700.
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  15. Sorrodje
    @mulveling or anynoe who could compare SR-507 and SR-L700, could you provide some impressions ? I'd like to know  where sits the L700 is the lambda family ( delicate/mid forward or punchier/bassieur a la 507 ? )   
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