The Other Metal Thread: No Blastbeat Metal Zone!

Discussion in 'Music' started by Monsterzero, Jan 8, 2017.
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  1. swspiers
    Yeah. I'm just goofing on the RS-1's. I dearly love the sound of Grado's, but yeah, they kill my ears as well. I haven't tried their IEM's yet. Any experience?
  2. Monsterzero
    Not I...Homie dont play IEMs
  3. Monsterzero
    Thanks for that...Hard Action sounds quite promising!

    EDIT: Just bought it.
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  4. swspiers
    BTW, the combination of iPhone X, FiiO i1 and Meze Neo 99 is punching WAAAY above their combined weight class. Now, nothing I have competes with my Benchmark/Liquid Carbon with my Alpha Primes or HD-800S's. But the Meze with the FiiO out of the iPhone is pretty darned remarkable. So far Elder "Lore" and Agalloch is just sounding totally right, and the slight bass boost in the Neo's is really working right now. I'm pleasantly surprised, TBO. Looking forward to the new Doom Charts (October was actually kinda 'meh' for me.)

    Oh yeah, one other little thing. Today I started my PhD in Psychology...
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  5. Monsterzero
    Well done man.Good on you!
  6. swspiers
    Thanks! But this is day one of a 3 to 4 year program. Quite a way to go, LOL
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  7. bassboysam

    pretty sure those are all lower impedance than the grados, no?
  8. Monsterzero
    Dont think so.i looked up your pair last night and it said 32ohms...maybe its incorrect info I was reading?
  9. swspiers
    Tasty Traditional Doom from Down Under...

    Gawd, I love Bandcamp!!!!

    Anyway, this is far from the typical Doom release. Female vocals that are strong, and thankfully no auto-tune applied. This sounds like a real voice!

    Also, they mix styles, as in some 70's funk type stuff, pre-Disco. Most Doom albums get stuck in the same droney/sludgey morass, and can get a bit...taxing...after a while. Not so with this band. I highly recommend this eclectic blend of heaviness.

    It actually reminds me of a Doom version of Renaissance. Which I realize is a silly thing to write: until you hear it.
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  10. Fastnbulbous
  11. Monsterzero
    thanks for the list...I see my favs Ruby the Hatchet refuse to go away.
    Do you guys ever give Comacozer any love? I never see anybody talk about them(maybe im looking in the wrong places)and I really like their style.
  12. Fastnbulbous
    It's still a mystery to me how some things catch on and others don't. It's truly vast how much stoner/psych/space rock there is these days. This one is solid, and could very well have been just outside the top 25 in August.
  13. bassboysam

    I don't understand where they call came from or what caused the explosion. 10 years ago when we first got started there was very little going in the genre.
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  14. swspiers
    I think 10 years ago was a slight lull in activity, especially compared to the explosion in the late 90's. However, since the song Black Sabbath from Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath is arguably the first true, clear DOOM song ever recorded, the genre has been going through highs and lows since 1970: 47 years. Which is a long time for a genre to exist.

    We now have 3 distinct generations of people listening to, playing, writing, recording, and in general going nuts over this stuff. I think the 'explosion' is volcanic in nature. Very low, underground, undetectable pressure on tectonic plates builds up and then: BOOM
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  15. Fastnbulbous
    Popularity can be cyclical, but it seems to have been more or less an upward trend. We had the first bands identifying as doom in 1978-80s - The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Pagan Altar, Pentagram, Witchfinder General, Trouble, Candlemass. They weren't remotely popular in the beginning. More bands gradually started picking up the doom baton in the 90s (see my timeline), and 1988-91 you had the beginnings of stoner rock with Sleep, Kyuss and Monster Magnet. There was perhaps a dip in stoner/doom in the early 00s, but it was going pretty strong in Europe.
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