metal music
  1. krys42

    Closed Back Over Ear Headphones under 50 dollars.

    Hi, I need help with Over Ear Closed Back Headphones under 50$, I'd use them for listening Metal and Rock music on computer. Which headphones should I buy under 50 bucks? Thank you for any help.
  2. monkey4054

    The Best Headphones for Metal Music: Tier List (Share your own!)

    As part of my never-ending search for the best headphones for metal music listening, I thought I would share a tier list of headphones to help anyone out there who might be looking for their next pair to headbang to! My list is only what I have owned or heard. I still need to hear the LCD-5...
  3. R

    Headphones for heavy metal music

    Hi, I am searching for an upgrade to my Hd650+apogee groove combo. I hear a lot of music, mostly heavy metal (meshuggah, gojira, etc ) and in second place classical music (a lot of piano and opera). I find the 650s to be too veiled and smooth with some recordings (referring to the velocity of...
  4. monkey4054

    Endgame for Metal Music

    Hi everyone, so I’m fed up with messing around with different headphones and gear and I’m looking to go complete endgame and just set and forget for good. Willing to spend up to 3k AUD maximum. So uber high-end headphones like the Abyss 1266, Susvara, LCD-4z, Utopia etc. are just out of the...
  5. A

    Recommendations for Rock and metal headphones?

    TL;DR switchable bluetooth/wired over/on ear headphones for metalcore and rock as a bonus. are grado sr80's good for loud rooms like a food court? are audio technica m50x's and m40x's worth it? they have a bluetooth module i can buy but can i get something better? LONG VERSION Im new here. im...
  6. P

    Headphones recommendation for Metal music

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for headphone to listen metal music, my preferred subgenres: power metal and melodic death metal. I currently use sennheiser hd 280 pro and it sounds bad for my favorite music. My budget up to $400.
  7. SCBbestof

    Massdrop Headphones recommendation for metal music

    Hi folks, I've been following this forum for a while, but only now I got to actually make an account and join this awesome community. As an aspiring audiophile I want to ask which of the Massdrop exclusive headphones do you think I should get for music consumption + computer use. I'm looking...
  8. mattxo

    Best setup for alt/nu metal + folk

    Hi! I’m in the market for some headphones and possibly an amp. Budget is about USD$300 give or take. I mostly listen to nu-metal bands like Slipknot, Kittie, Mudvayne, Static-X, Coal Chamber on the heavy end of my spectrum, Nirvana, Seether etc in the middle and folky stuff like Iron and Wine...
  9. M

    Picky Music Lover Needs Help with Closed Backs :)

    Hello - I've put ~10-15 hrs of research into this and have made some real progress, but find myself at the point where I need input from a professional / sound addict :) I'm looking for a pair of closed back headphones, max $200. Use is for at work / traveling, so I want something that...
  10. Monsterzero

    The Other Metal Thread: No Blastbeat Metal Zone!

    Creating this thread for fans of Traditional heavy metal bands: Post and share your favorite: *NWOBHM *NWOTHM *Speed *Thrash *Melodeath *Power *Viking *Pagan *Doom *Folk *Prog Etc........ Kindly refrain from Black Metal/Metal lacking some sort of melody/Brvtal Bro stuff as there is...