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  1. pelopidas
    The 49990 is more detailed and also has better bass. There is a mod that you need to try with it. You need to put a Silmic 10uf capacitor onto its power pins. The easiest way is to use another socket. The Silmic must have 100 hours burn in. It sounds fantastic for the first 2 hours, then sounds kinda terrible for 20 - 60 and finally is settled at 100 hours. This mod is worth it with the 49990.
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  2. pelopidas
    My guess is they are fakes. HDAM is an acronym for - hyper dynamic amplifier module - a term used by Marantz to describe their pre opamp circuits. SS3601/2 is a Sparkos designation for their opamps. And the PHILPS at the bottom does not inspire any more confidence. Most likely rebranded 49720/49710HA if you are lucky. Maybe something crappier. If they were legit and good there would be more info out there.
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  3. endia
    pelopidas, thank you.
    lol, didn't notice product's name containing another brands'..
  4. Rroff
    Seems to be the case with all those LME and the LM4562 - 10uf rail to rail definitely has some impact on the audio reproduction - when I used a silmic ii though it seemed a bit "DSP" like to me (not necessarily a bad thing depending on what you want) while a Nichicon KZ seemed to help with more transparency. Those opamps while generally high performance seem a touch susceptible to acting a bit oddly from power supply noise which I think is what this cap helps to offset.
  5. leeperry
    The AMP9920AT is very funny stuff, it's a cheapo SOIC8 chip(5532 IIRC) fitted in a T099 case at premium price, you can find pics of it being cracked open on google.
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  6. endia
    lol, funny indeed..
  7. leeperry
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  8. rikk009
    Hmmm...thanks. After AB comparing both 49990 and 4562 I can hear 49990 has more clarity and better control on bass, highs extended further and more dynamic, worth the upgrade. Also it came to me with broken DIP socket so will give the cap mod a try when I get a new DIP.

    Btw, I noticed a LME49850 being used in my DAC which yield nothing when googled. Any idea? I have heard about 49860 but this says 49850.
  9. chaiyuta
    After I surf internet to find information about MUSES03. It seems the cheapest price (2500 Yen or 23$USD) is at only Japan. MUSE03 is really hit in Japan. MUSES03 has run out of stock 3 times, and everytime they do re-stock. It takes approximately 1 month.
    Info Link : Here (You can use google translate for reading)
    MUSES03 Review Link : Here (You can use google translate for reading)
    OPA627AP vs MUSES03 review Link : Here (You can use google translate for reading)

    Hope you enjoy these articles I found. hehe

    One question : Do you guys have any recommendation of DAC/AMP or AMP that can use 2 x single op-amp MUSE03 {and have 2.5mm BL output and BL input (preferred if possible)}?
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  10. golov17
  11. chaiyuta
    @golov17 : Yes, 2 days ago. Its stock has 45 pcs. left. and now (at the time I posted) Its stock becomes 35 pcs. left. For those who are login (and register as member) can see. I guess at the end of this month. MUSE03 would be out of stock again.

    MUSES03 Stock.JPG
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  12. earfonia
    Thanks for the links! I didn't know Muses already launched Muses03. Curious to try.

    Btw, I recently reviewed the Burson V5i here:

    Curious to compare it with the Sparkos and Muses03.
  13. numon
    which opamp for zishan z2 that has the best widest soundstage ?
    i have rose mojito earbud.
  14. leeperry
  15. leeperry
    ...and let's not mention OPA602BP, such a great chip in the right rig [​IMG]
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