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Ordered it the way i order most of the exotic stuff, via friend in Japan. Akizuki in Tokyo. They sell them as soldered pins adapter or as a kit for customer to solder themselves. But chip as is, is soldered on pcb anyway since it's a tiny one. Muses03 was nice sounding, a bit thin, so never got to be kept in collection. Muses02 was great in a little number of devices, now the youngest one needs to show it's colours.
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if anyone here is interested, I am selling TWO Burson V5i-D (Duals) op-amps in the classifieds. Theyre going for $50 for the pair...the original retail price is $115
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I’d like to mod mass kobo amp to accept bigger op amps externally and thus I’d need some dip8 extender wires (possibly longer than 5cm). Is it even okay prolonging such connection? Doesn’t it increase the feedback loop and affects the parameters? Will appreciate help and info


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