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  1. ostewart
  2. golov17
    I would like to one day try pair singles Burson v5i with my amp FB_IMG_1466876728216.jpg from VE..
  3. Faber65
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  4. pelopidas
    The 49990 is more balanced in its presentation. More detail and more pleasant than the 4562. Makes the 4562 feel overly bright and shouty in comparison. The 49990 is a step up.
  5. pelopidas
    You beat me to it! Two new V6 to choose from. One is supposed to more dynamic and detailed than the V5 and the other more musical? This will be interesting. Now we will have to start playing with the correct placement of each opamp. Which one for buffer vs I/V?
  6. golov17
  7. leeperry
    Cool story but V5 already comes with "Reverse Voltage Protection", it's pretty appalling that the opamp itself apart from the extra socket it ships with doesn't come with any way to find out where pin 1 is, bleh.

    All this said OPA602BP still does the magic [​IMG]
  8. golov17
  9. leeperry
    sure thing but that's the removable extra socket that's fitted on top of the actual opamp pins, once it's off you can't tell where pin 1 is and it'll easily get stuck in your host so you'll end up with an opamp that doesn't show any indication of where pin 1 is. I guess putting a "1" on the bottom of the PCB was too much to ask.

    truth is I got mine second hand from a n00b who fitted back that extra socket backwards by mistake so I found out first hand that v5's come with reverse voltage protection:sweat_smile:
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2017
  10. Burson Audio
    Hi Guys, Hi Leeperry,

    Thank you for your long term support for both Burson Audio and

    Please allow us to clarify the below.

    * The Burson V5 audio opamp does NOT have the reverse plug-in protection. Being a discrete opamp, its components may tolerate an incorrect installation longer than any IC opamps but it will fail and could even post a risk to your machine. And such damages will not be covered by its life-time warranty.

    * The Burson V6 does have the reverse plug in protection. : )

    * Both the V5 and V6 have clear indication of pin 1 and we don't just rely on their detachable DIP8 socket.

    Please refer to the chart below for correct installation steps. The same chart is also featured on both V5 and V6 product pages.

    Burson Audio Stay updated on Burson Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  11. leeperry
    Hi there, well my V5 was still alive after being reversed for a few secs giving some loud buzzing.

    Fair enough but in my case the extra socket that's fitted in order to protect the actual opamp pins had been reversed by mistake and I wasn't aware that it was even there and assumed that these were the actual pins of the opamp. A clear "1" somewhere like on the bottom of the PCB would have helped a lot in my case.
  12. trybeingarun
    Hey guys. I have a matrix m-stage hpa-3u+ which has a LME49860. I find the sound coming out of the matrix to be a bit soft with low dynamics and attack compared to my Aune X1s unit. It could be that the implementation of the matrix is slightly inferior. I am also interested in rolling opamps, but I have to admit I don't know much about them. Are there any drop in replacements for LME49860 that I can use safely, without changing voltage regulators? The spec sheet says 49860 swings +-22V. I would also like a slightly brighter opamp, if there's a choice.
  13. golov17
  14. rikk009
    Just received LME49990 and maybe it's my head playing with me but highs might be just a little bit more clear, just listened to a few songs only. Just...
  15. endia
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