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  1. Audio Addict Contributor
    Well since no one indicated any comments on the Dexa SE, I took one for the group. I picked them up today and put a pair of singles in my Lycan. I bought a quad for my RSA Apache but wanted to roll them first in the Lycan.

    They are much taller than I expected. Each SE has 3 green LED which I presume is to show they are working.

    I have music running through this pair but a really quick impression with the HE400i, was they had a great midrange on a Diana Krell song from Turn Up the Quiet. I look forward to spending more time once they have settled in.
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  2. Audio Addict Contributor
    Just opened my Apache and there is no way the Dexa SE will fit. The are just way too tall. :frowning2:
  3. zilch0md
    I know the feeling!

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  4. Audio Addict Contributor
    I have a quad of SSA v5 with the extension legs but it was too severe of a angle and one the legs broke.
    Right now I have a pair of the Dexa SE Singles in my Lycan that is driving my HE6 unbelievable well. The DAC is the LH Labs Pulse X Infinity v2.0 using the Burson Audio RCA Cable Pro to the Lycan. Roon is feeding DAC. The current music is from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    I honestly wish I could try them in my Apache given how well they are driving the HE6s with excellent sonics.
  5. rellik
    Diana Krall is quite impressive, I thought it was a synthesized vocal and piano...maybe not. Hard to tell when the amp has a mind of its own.

    Same goes for (The Real Folk Blues)
  6. rikk009
    How does LM4562NA sound different to LME49990? I have the former in Matrix hpa-1 and was wondering if it's worth swapping for the later one?
  7. santodx5
    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to try Muse 8820, does anyone know a good store in ebay? Im oversea and usually shipping from USA will be more expensive.

  8. Origen Ru
    Anyone know if my LITTLE BEAR B2 portable amplifier that uses a OPA JRC 4556 AD is compatible with OPA MUSES 02?
  9. golov17
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  10. Origen Ru
  11. golov17
    Why not?
  12. Origen Ru
    I have two years with my lettle bear B2 that included the OPA JRC 4556 AD, the same OPA that uses the amplifier GRADO AR1, my headphones are the Alessandro MS2e, it is for the OPA JRC 4556 AD I buy it, I do not know the compatibilities with other OPA's That's why I ask if I can use the MUSES 02 that I buy for my future Zishan DSD player, to burn the MUSES 02 using it in my LITTLE BEEAR B2 in what I get the player.
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  13. golov17
    Same OPA architecture, you can
  14. Oscar-HiFi
    Just got some Burson V5i's in for my Topping A30, limited space so the regular V5 wouldn't fit. Now to run them in, the original opamps were OPA2134. This amp has come alive, black background, wide soundstage and better bass texture.

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  15. golov17
    I love v5i too P70527-192209-001.jpg
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