The Opamp thread

  1. ph58

    OK thanks i ask this , because the Burson's V5 prices are expensive .    Regards
  2. gr8soundz
    I have the V5i which are about half the price (and size) but others who have tried both say the V5 sounds better.
    Also check with the manufacturer whether your amp uses single or dual (meaning type of supply rail not quantity) opamps. So you'll either need 2 dual opamps or 2 single opamps.
    If your amp, being dual mono, uses single supply opamps then those are also about half price each compared to the dual supply V5. But, for obvious reasons, single supply opamps can only be purchased in pairs (compared to being able to buy just 1 dual supply opamp).
  3. ph58

    I have the answer to my question in a French site . Using one Mno OPAmp on a double Mono amplifier makes the sound comes up in just one channel (Left or Right) ! so i need to buy 2 Mono OPAMp !   Thanks
  4. abartels
    You wouldn't change only one front tire from your car from 185/55 to 205/55 either I suppose [​IMG]
    OPA627 is unity-gain stable. And, as I said before, it is at INPUT stage. Ask Burson to look into this.
  5. ph58

    OK , i undrestand now . Thank you very much !   Regards
  6. uncola
    Just posted my review of the v5i..
    tldr summary:  I swapped an opa2134 in my lehmann headphone amp for v5i, it changed from clinical neutrality to exciting and dynamic with a W shaped sound signature.. kind of like going from a sony mdr7506 to audeze lcd2, if that makes any sense.  complemented my hd800 for sure, added mid and bass impact and didn't make the treble any harsher.
    here's a cool pic showing the size difference of v5 and v5i
  7. Rroff
    That has always been my main criticism of the OPA213X that while they sound accurate enough it is like someone playing the same tune for the 1000th time some subtlety and passion is missing.
  8. golov17
    My love :kissing_heart:
  9. vapman
    ^ wow a real MUSES!
    makes sense for a true vocal lover :wink:
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  10. Nurgayan
    The current days show the market's desire to miniaturize components. Remember how Burson audio propelled its discrete devices in the opposite direction, now it also came to a contradiction to the original models. [​IMG]
  11. raoultrifan
    Well, actually we, consumers, asked Burson to create smaller SS opamps, because SS V4 and SS V5 couldn't be used in many Hi-Fi equipment (well, unless case remains open). So this is why they did the V5i. :)
  12. Nurgayan
    Precisely, this is how the integral microcircuits were born. :)
    Simply, given the marketing policy of Burson at first, it looks rather strange. The logic built by them is broken.
  13. raoultrifan
    Well, inside the case there's an integrated opamp (not discrete) + some film resistors, so...some may say it's sort of an SS opamp too. :)
    Anyway, SS V4 and SS V5 are really good stuff indeed, but V5i might do the trick in some upgrades.
  14. gr8soundz
    I finally posted about the Sparkos SS3602 swap I did late last year:
  15. Lohb

    Yep, the increase in 'treble presence' is why I could not keep them....agree on expanded soundstage/also transparency improved.

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