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  1. imran27
    Anybody tried the OPA1688? The small signal step response looks like crazy good and I love the CMOS type opamps, they have a very detailed sound.
  2. raoultrifan
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  3. escknx
    Anyone compared Sparkos vs Burson V6?
  4. raoultrifan
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  5. Audio Addict Contributor
    I have the SS3602 and I just received Friday the Vivid V6 and the Classic V6. I haven't compared them all together but in the Vivid versus the Classic I preferred the Classic as it was more engaging but the Vivid is very detailed and dynamic. This was listening using the Burson Lycan to roll the amps. I do like the Sparkos but recently have been using the Dexa SE: and found I like it more than the Burson V5. Right now, I am not sure in a comparison to the new V6. I would say now it is mostly a pure preference.

    I use a quad of the Sparkos SS3601 in my RSA Apache. The Burson's were too tall to fit in the Apache. Though I do like the SS3601 in my Apache driving the Utopias. I tried the Dexa SE but they also turned out to be too tall for the Apache.
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  6. Mad Max
    Any of you guys tried the Panasonic ECHU film caps to decouple opamp PSU rails?
  7. j4100
    I'm venutring out of my comfort zome in here, but hoping for some advice. I'm looking at a budget Chinese portable amp, the Jazz R7.0 and noticed it seems to be popular for modification, not least op amp rolling. The R7.0 is listed as having OPA2604AP and the R7.8 has MUSES8920. Would you reckon it's worth the extra getting the R7.8, or just go with the R7.0?

    Jazz R7.0 Link
    Jazz R7.8 Link
  8. bunkbail
    I've read about using bypass capacitors like the Elna Silmic II alongside the opamps would be beneficial in SQ. Would it be the same for Burson V6 opamps on a Gustard H10 amp?
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  9. raoultrifan
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  10. bunkbail
  11. sup27606
    Dear community members,
    I am having some serious noise issues with opamp swapping. I am trying to use two Burson V5i-d opamps in the Nobsound NS-08e amp by swapping with the original NE5532s. I am hearing a lot of noise through the headphones.

    There are two kinds of noises, one is a low whistle (about 1Khz I would say) and the other a hissing sound.
    The hissing sound changes when I move around the headphone cable, while the whistle remains unchanged.
    There is no difference in noise between the two channels (each channel uses a separate opamp).
    The noises are unaffected by connecting/disconnecting the source DAC.
    I am also hearing some distortion at selected regions in the soundtracks.
    I tried changing the power adapter and the noise remains at similar levels for the different adapters I tried.
    Tried using different pair of tubes with no difference in noise characteristics.

    Using a battery pack, the amp was completely silent. So there must be power noise which the opamp chips are extremely sensitive towards. This is surprising to me since people in the Nobsound thread report no noise issues while using these opamps.

    The original NE5532s are completely silent with no noise.

    Can someone give me some instructions to troubleshoot / diagnose this. I want to know, whether the chip is faulty. I have a digital multimeter.

    Many thanks in advance.
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  12. raoultrifan
  13. Audio Addict Contributor
    That explains why I could not get the v5i to work in my Lycan. I also tried a quad in my RSA Apache and it wasn't a synergy. The V5i was created most likely to solve the space issue compared to the regular V5. I know that was the reason I got a quad asI tried the V5 with the leg extensions but the extreme angle ultimately caused a failure in one of the leg extensions.
  14. selvakumar
    V5i-d may need RMA contact Burson Audio
  15. sup27606
    Thank you all for your replies. I see now, there have been other instances of noise reported as well. Unfortunately, I cannot use the full sized V5/6 due to space constraint, so V5i is the only option for me. Also, I am in talks with Burson Audio over this.

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