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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. lesale08
    Oh my, sorry if I did not get that part right away. This is seemingly very frustrating on your end. Maybe what I will do if I were you is to just email Sennheiser again and let them know that you cannot do what Digital River is asking you to do due to some hassle and additional charges then probably ask them whatever options you may have aside from dealing with Digital River.
  2. lesale08
    You may also demand them to send you a replacement otherwise just get a refund if that is an option.
  3. AndrewH13
    Your signature at side of posts says you live in Italy?
  4. kalo86
    The funny thing is that in the terms of sale the return costs are on my side but they are estimated between 5 and 20 euros. Yesterday I made a quotation from the UPS courier website and the cost to ship a package (the same dimensions of the box that Sennheiser delivered at my address, 26x29x26 cm) considering the value of 999€ is very close to 100€!
    I am very frustrated to be involved in this fraud. Because this is 100% fraud. Never again with Sennheiser.

    At the first ticket, in which I described the issue, the answer was: "Since you bought the product on our website, please contact Digital River which is the host for web orders".
    And this is NOT the way to answer at my house.
  5. kalo86
    I am Italian, but recently I moved to Belgium where I work (and need to live here in order to work every day).
  6. AndrewH13
    It’s a shame that Sennheiser have no presence on these threads like FiiO, iBasso, A&K, Chord etc.
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  7. kalo86
    The rule of common sense suggests me that Sennheiser should reply to my 5 or 6 tickets saying:

    "We are sorry for what happended, we are sending UPS courier for delivering a new product and at the same time you can return the old product."

    But I live in the dreamland.
  8. Deftone
    The worse part was the more they clicked off the more worn the ridges of the inside of the tube would be and then fall off even easier.
  9. lesale08
    It's a good thing I settled with the medium tips and never bothered tip rolling with the sets I have that are not from sennheisers.

    There are options for custom tips which I think would be a good investment too for these iems.
  10. kalo86
    Hello guys,

    Still no official answers from Sennheiser for the opened box, used product and incomplete set of accessories of my order.
    I opened a ticket at the ECC Belgium (the European Consumer Centre of Belgium).
    I hope to get assistance.
    In the meanwhile, what can I do?
  11. privilege15
    I've seen two boxes of new IE800S in two different official dealer stores. Both of them didn't have any seals or anything that looks like a seal which you need to cut open when new, not even a shrink plastic wrap. Nothing. I believe they are sold just like that.
  12. kalo86
    If the box has not a seal, why am I missing the 3.5mm single ended cable? Why the 4.4mm balanced cable was without the cable tie? Sennheiser made a wrong shipment, they sent me a refurbished product at the cost of the new (999€). Furthermore, the set is incomplete.
  13. privilege15
    I support you mate. I had problems with 2.5mm cable myself. I posted about that a couple pages back. It will be fine, I'm sure. They will replace your set. Sometimes you've got to deal with lousy support. But look at the bright side. Just disregard the support altogether and poor quality control. These IEMs are superb. I've compared them with many others and for my tastes IE800S are a clear winner. Try to enjoy the product while dealing with replacement. I know it's frustrating.
  14. kalo86
    Hi @privilege15
    how long was it required for Sennheiser to replace it?
  15. privilege15
    I purchased IE800S from a local retailer and returned the same day in person for full refund.

    I got experience returning stuff to other companies directly, like Sony, Sandisk, iBasso, some other companies. In all cases I had to pay for the shipping. In your case, however, Sennheiser might follow a different path. Just let us know about their policy. It's interesting to know how approachable they are and how good their client retention policy is.

    Although, if you chose to keep the headphones, Sennheiser will ship the missing cable to you for free, I'm sure of that.
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