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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. kalo86
    Update of the day:
    After the last complain ticket, I finally received a good answer from Sennheiser Germany (yes, finally).
    They are sorry for what happened. They are still investigating why I got a return request with a shipment to the USA. Since I am in Europe, the package should be returned to Germany warehouse.
    On a separate email Sennheiser sent the return instructions and a PDF file in attachment with the UPS courier label. I already shipped the package and after the package reaches the Sennheiser Warehouse, I should receive the refund in 5-7 days.
    It is not possible to receive a new Sennheiser IE800S as a replacement. Instead, I have to place a new order.
    I will update you, hoping that everything goes smooth as it should be.

    I will place the new order on the same day in which I will get money back. I am a little bit disappointed for what happended, but enough satisfied of the IE800S.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
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  2. Deftone
    Its an incredible iem, if you want to end game performance pair that bad boy with a Hugo2 with the white filter.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
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  3. privilege15

    Tastes differ :wink:
  4. Deftone
    Yes they do, IE800S is exceptional in so many ways but its attacks are little too soft imo and hugo2s incisiveness and dynamics fixes that. Syngergy at its finest.
  5. lesale08
    They are just one of those refined tunings out there. Just a matter of preference for totl offerings.
  6. rezakhalvati
    Hi everyone. Need your input. Used to have the original IE800, used them with the DragonFly Red and absolutely LOVED them. They were beyond incredible. Truly magical. Gave them to my son.

    Bought the IE800”S” a week or two ago. Bought and received the new DragonFly Cobalt. Both are supposed to be better than their predecessors (especially the DF Cobalt). But I am very confused. There seems to be very little separation/layering, NO sense of space or width in the soundstage (which seemed HUGE in the 800 + DFR), treble is so so, and mids sound forced, congested, and too boomy to the point of being uncomfortable (as opposed to the 800 which had ZERO fatigue at even the highest volumes - in fact, I always wished my amp were more powerful to get them even louder. There just seemed to be no end to their maximum potential. Just super clear and clean sound with zero distortion).

    The only positive difference that I can tell with the 800S + DF Cobalt is that the volume seems to be able to go higher than the 800 + DFR, which doesn’t do any good except exaggerating the negatives that I mentioned above.

    I connected the Cobalt to my iPhone with the regular lightning to usb camera adapter. AudioQuest says the lightening to usb3 makes an improvement in sound performance. Ordered that and should receive it this weekend.

    Also, I am using the large silicone ear-tips (they fit perfectly). Can’t remember if I used medium or large with the IE800.

    So, wondering if the smaller ear-tips (medium) and/or the lightning to usb3 adapter will fix these problems (both of which I’ll try this weekend), or if these problems are just inherent to the newer 800 “S”. Any experience, advice, input? Thank you.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  7. kalo86
    I think that you should compare the IE800S to the IE800 at first with the same DragonFly Red.
    You are used to hear a certain sound signature (IE800) and when you switch to the new IE800S your brain feels the differences in the sound signature. This is absolutely normal.
    Then my suggestion is to test the IE800S with the same source (DFR) and then you can move to the Cobalt.
    Another test could be to pair the IE800 with the Cobalt and see the result.

    I tested the IE800S, they are good (not stunning for my tastes) and I have to recommend to let them sound about 20-25 hours to let them relax because the sound will be different.
    Please notice the sound of trumpet, during my first seconds of listening I heard trumpets like a sound produced by beer cans or Coca Cola cans! After some hours the sound become more mature and close to the real timbre of the musical instruments.

    Please update us! It's interesting to hear and collect feedbacks!
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  8. privilege15
    +1 I had the same initial experience with mine. Demo sample sounded great in a shop but the new pair sounded exactly as you described. Put them somewhere and let them sound for a couple of days on above average volume. Play something meaty, like a black/death metal album so all frequencies are well covered during burn-in period.
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  9. rezakhalvati
    Thank you so much! Great ideas. I will try that.
  10. rezakhalvati
    Thank you! Definitely will try that!
  11. udesign48
    IE800s vs AKG K3003 vs Etymotic ER4SR ?

    Which one sounds the best?
    I have ER4SR and I'm curious about IE800s and K3003.
  12. thefitz
    A lot of that depends on your use case. The K3003 is very temperamental with its balanced Armature that's something like 8 ohms sensitive, so anything with >0.5 ohms output impedance is going to mess with the tone. The ER4SR is very well behaved for something with a BA in it - and the sound is great. However, it's not particularly special, either (I have the XR).

    The IE800 is a very unique IEM.
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  13. Deftone
    IE800S is in a different league compared to 4SR, it produces sound effortlessly with a big 3d stage. I don't know about the K3003 I've never heard one.
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  14. udesign48
    If I'm looking for the most authentic reference sound, would you choose K3003 over IE800?
    I'm considering Sony XBA Z5 too.
  15. Deftone
    @tracyca has both those iems hopefully he will comment here.
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