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The most overrated IEMs

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  1. belushka
    What are, in your opinion, the most overrated/overpriced IEM's ? I think that IE8 are probably overrated/overpriced
  2. 3nenbgumi
    Shure SE535.
  3. james444 Contributor
    Great thread. This is somthing that's never been done before. I'm sure it will gather a lot of eye-opening replies. :p
  4. C.C.S.
    Do I sense sarcasm here?[​IMG]
  5. 3nenbgumi
    I sure do [​IMG]
    Just to clarify, when you asked this question, which basis did you have in mind for comparison? Is it based on sound quality alone or the IEMs as whole packages (build quality, isolation, usability, etc...)?
  6. Gozzer
    Klipsh S4 price per performance. I was suckered into getting these after reading all the reviews.
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  7. belushka
    mostly just sound quality...
  8. Angels and Air
    I thought the Klipsch S4 was great in price/performance for me, since I got mine for $30. [​IMG]
  9. djvkool
    Out of all the IEM that I ever bought...Westone3 and AtrioX are the one I have regreted buying...
  10. the tiny bus
    Why did you regret buying the w3?
  11. White Lotus
    Will I be the first to bring up the price of anything branded "beats"?
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  12. Hahayyy
    klipsch image s4-.- totally ******** man
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  13. the tiny bus
    I got a pair of beats by dre tours from monster free after the fourth time my turbines died in 2 months.  I still feel like I got ripped off. 
  14. tegR
    ASG-1/1.1 [​IMG]
  15. truckdriver
    My old cheap college-days stereo speakers (3-way 10' woofers) still sound OK in my 12x14 computer room (displaying decent bass). However, I once moved them to the larger open great-room (tall vaulted ceilings/hardwood floors) and they became “over-rated”.
    I have the Shure SE535 which (IMO) should be vacuum-sealed (or nearly). I also have the Sennheiser IE8 which (IMO) comes with useless tips (for my ears) resulting in boomy mono-toned bass and weak and distant mids. I don't think either are “over-rated” once you put a little work in with fit, source, and equalization.
    Of course, my opinion could be "over-rated" (but only by me).
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