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    No bass? no care.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Most recent budget:
    Senfer 6in1
    Senfer 4in1 x2 - Another level with low end eq
    QKZ KD8
    QKZ KD6
    QKZ KD1
    Swing IE800
    DZAT DF-10 - Amazing value
    KZ ZS3 - Sounds crap with stock tips
    KZ ED9
    VJJB K4 - Semi crap
    QKZ X6
    BYZ K30 - Super crap
    KZ ED12 - Crap
    HIFI Union A8
    Rock Zircon x3 - 1 dead, 2 faulty

    LZ A4 - Red/Black Insane
    UE 900s
    JVC Victor FX500 - My favourite iem
    JVC FX1000 (FX500) - Recabled
    JVC FXD80 - Under rated
    Sony XB90EX - 1 side dead :(
    TFTA 1XB - Ebony housing/silver cable - Bass monster
    FAD Adagio III
    Sennheiser IE80
    Hippo VB
    Meelec SP51
    Vsonic GR06
    + Various Meelec/TDK/Jays/Vmoda

    Fostex x00
    AKG Q701 w/ Bass/Flat headband mod <3
    AKG K702
    Beyer DT770 80 ohms
    Grado sr60i w/ G/L cush
    Sony XB500

    Audio Technica AD700
    Razer Orca - Most used by years!
    Razer Carcharias - Current
    Razer Blackshark - Garbage
    SteelSeries Siberia V2 - Garbage

    Did own:
    PMV A-01 MK2 - Faulty, returned, were crap anyway
    TDK BA200
    Beats Tour
    TB hpa2 - First 5.1, in the bin
    ASG-1/1.1 - Hype on these went through the roof. Easily the most boring and worst sounding iem i've ever owned.
    AKG K701 - Gone but not forgotten

    To join the family (again)... someday:
    JVC HP-DX1000
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Creative Sound Blaster ZxR
    Fiio E9
    Fiio E5

    Did own:
    DigiZoid ZO2
    Fiio E10 - Static problems
    Source Inventory:
    LG V30
    My PC
    Sony a845
    Sony e585
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 > Lepy LP 2024A+ > ZXR
    Music Preferences:
    Anything really...
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