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"The Lab"

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  1. boblauer
    Yes all just small steps in the journey that's parenthood. Enjoy these times no matter what as they grow up way too fast, mine are 26 and 30 miss those years.
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  2. Mr Trev
    Cries for hours you say, seems like you got a new way to test IEM isolation.
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  3. leobigfield
    Father's seal of approval!
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  4. doctorjazz
    As one with a 24 year old and a 19 year old (the oldest one was REALLY colicky), I miss lots of things about them growing up, but the colicky days with the eldest is not one of them!
  5. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Guys, it can be a living hell. We already are doing the gripe water and gas drop and it is helping, but it got to the point that she'd cry from 4pm to 10pm. Unreal!

    It got so bad a couple times I had to just put her down and walk away. I am taking a medication for anxiety and have even contemplated therapy for it. Good news is it's at least starting to improve, and with how poorly I've handled it my wife is doing a lot of the work.
  6. doctorjazz
    Remember it well-my daughter reduced a tough as nails, very experienced Russian Baby Sitter ("leave her vit me, Vill be NO PROBLEM) to tears!
    Nope, don't miss that one bit!
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  7. doctorjazz
    (as reassurance, it does pass, and my older daughter is a lovely woman now; though she is a bit fussy at times...)
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  8. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Glad to hear.

    The other night I'm holding the baby while she screamed like I was stabbing her to death. I looked at my wife and said "LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, ONLY 17 3/4 MORE YEARS OF THIS SCHIIT"

    Needless to say, she wasn't amused...
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  9. doctorjazz
    Don't know if this helps or hurts, but generally it stops by 3-4 months of age...
  10. Hisoundfi Contributor
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  11. Mr Trev
    Look what I got!!

    What the heck is that you ask? They're 3D printed earpad mounting rings for my 400i - plus a crappy remote and Terry's chocolate orange
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  12. Deftone
    Nice choice on the chocolate orange.
  13. leobigfield
    Were did you get those rings? I have a HE-400i and a HE-400S on order and some of those rings would be nice. Thanks in advance :)
  14. Pastapipo
    Exceptionally late to the party, but I ordered the lz-a4. Let's see what they sound like when I get the dust off from them.

    Anyway, this forum is not dying. People just need some time to get used to the new layout. On top of that, we have no choice. Just like other addictions, eventually you'll come back for more. :wink:
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  15. Mr Trev
    Found the project for the rings here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1784520
    Found someone to print them for me here: https://www.3dhubs.com
    My only regret is I didn't find out about 3D Hubs sooner - I live in the middle of nowhere so there's no such thing as a local 3d printer

    I do like my chocolate oranges
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
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