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"The Lab"

  1. Mr Trev
    Nice impressions. I guess the next step now that you have an Ember is to get a Kameleon for it[​IMG].
    How's the Ember sans the attenuation cable? The cable I DIY'd cut the background noise considerably and made my amp usable with IEMs (actually, I made 2, one's -20dB. The other -30dB).
    I'd also suggest to try the X2 with a Voskhod 6n23 tube. Not my fav with the 400i, but sounds nice with the x2 
    BTW there is no end to this journey[​IMG] 
  2. Razornova

    Is there a reason for the attenuator since there's a 0.1 impedence output option? I'm guessing it's just to reduce the volume since it's too powerful?
  3. peter123

    Nah, you know me and eq :wink: Tbh, reading about what it correct in the headphones that I own doesn't make it feel needed for me (as I'm not perceiving those problems) but you never know...

    I primarily bought the Ember to be used with hard to drive, high impedance full sized headphones so haven't tried to many IEM's with it yet. It's very powerful though and I can imagine it could be noisy with some tubes/IEM's as well. The cable is great for reducing background hiss with easy to drive IEM's from the Burson as well and is probably where I'll be using it mostly.

    I'll try out that Voskhod with the X2's when I get the time, thanks for the suggestion. Am I right to assume that the Voskhod is on the brighter side?

    As for the bold part I'm afraid you might be right :wink:

    Yes, to be able to easier adjust the volume but also to reduce background hiss.
  4. crabdog
  5. Mr Trev
    Yup the Voskhod is bright - tube wise - (literally too, them filaments are intense), but I find the X2 tames that nicely for my ears - and in full disclosure, mine lives in the stock P1 which is rolled off on the top end to begin with.
    I find the imaging of the Voskhod is a little odd with the 400i however. Anything that gets panned far right/left seems to get spotlighted in the mix, almost creating a kind of a 3 channel presentation
  6. peter123

    I've got some Voskhod tubes for my LD I+ and from your description they've got a similar characteristic. Will try it out with the X2's as soon as I'm able to get these HD700 of my head, they seem to have gotten stuck there :wink:
  7. Mr Trev
    Speaking of the LD, how well does it hold up to the Ember?
    BTW you know G1217 also has a model that'll let you roll op-amps too[​IMG][​IMG]
  8. B9Scrambler
    Here's a possible alternative to the Magaosi K3. The Audbos K3 [​IMG]

    DSC00861.jpg       DSC00873.jpg       DSC00876.jpg

  9. crabdog
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  10. ngoshawk
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  11. tikue666
    Hey fellow labsters! Just wondering, if anyone of you fine gentlemen has had the privilege of listening to Oriolus and Tralucent 1plus2? How do they compare?
  12. B9Scrambler
    My review of the SoundPEATS Q23, Bluetooth earphones; 

    DSC00993.jpg       DSC00999.jpg       DSC01013.jpg

    I liked these and the Q16 enough to order their B10 wired in-ears. Hoping they're competitive with other sub 20 CAD products.
    A few other products in line for review coming up are the Shanling M1, Fischer Audio Dubliz Enhanced (holy $%^& I love these), and something I thought was pretty cool; the Double Tap R1 (https://doubletapaudio.com/collections/in-ear-headphones)
  13. ngoshawk
  14. crabdog
  15. Cinder

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