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"The Lab"

  1. twister6 Contributor
    Didn't say anything about out performing, just saying there is competition and Audeze is not the only kid in town [​IMG]
    At CanJam NYC I had a chance to listen to two different prototypes of ME.1, but it was far from being finished, so no point to share the sound impression.  I also listened to iSine20, and found it to be not my cup of tea.  It was a bit too warm for my taste and the soundstage was way too wide and distracting where I had a hard time focusing on the sound (too holographic).
  2. ngoshawk
  3. HiFiChris Contributor

    Is it just me or does it sort of look like a mini-LCD-X?

    IMG_20150712_081158_edit1_edit.jpg 900x900px-LL-aff0c08a_IMG_20150712_081319.jpg
  4. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Axpona was amazeballs.

    The Zeus XR with Adele is awesomesauce. Switches and plugs to fine tune an already incredible sounding 14 driver IEM just enhances the listening experience. The Effect audio cables are sexy AF.

    Etymotic ER4XR is an AWESOME IEM.

    Final Audio has a huge assortment and many different sounding earphones. They are a great company with good representation.

    Zach's ZMF booth kicked arse.

    Campfire audio is one of my personal favorite companies. Their product lineup is phenomenal. The Vega is the best basshead audiophile earphone I've heard to date. They flat out rock.

    I think the folks at Hifiman have lost their minds. The products get more and more expensive, leaving me to wonder if they're a serious business or a cash cow about to be slaughtered (just my two cents).

    The Questyle player rocks. They've got quite a lineup of desktop stuff as well.

    I tried on a pair of $120,000 headphones. Pics will be up soon.

    The Utopia holds the title as world's best full size headphones IMHO. Still, 4k is a big leap I'm not willing to take.

    The Meze guys are some really cool dudes. I chatted with them for a good while. The headphones and IEMs sound similar and have that Meze house sound. That's a good thing.

    Noble Encore stands up against most of what's out there. The competition is stiff, and many flagship products run neck and neck with them.

    The 64 Audio U18 Tzar is rich and bold and still sounds "big". An excellent product definitely worthy of flagship status.

    I saw a pair of 29,000 dollar speaker cables. That's as much as my Hyundai Tucson. I'm gna stick with the Tucson. Why, you ask? Because speaker cables won't get me to work in the morning, that's why!

    I went to Starbucks and ordered a unicorn drink. That is some sugary shiznit. Order it if you want to spiral towards diabetes and get your man card stolen at the same time. I didn't realize that unicorns were made of sugar.

    All I have for now. I'm still digesting the experience (and the unicorn).

    I'll share some pics and impressions soon.
  5. twister6 Contributor
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  6. TwinACStacks
    Thanx for the insight Twister. I appreciate it. The ME.1 sound like they could be a viable option. I think it won't be long and there will be quite a few Planar Iems showing up. Competition you know.

    :grinning::grinning: TWIN
  7. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Pro iCAN review is up:
  8. doctorjazz
    Nice review, @Hisoundfi!
    Tempting, though I'm pretty amped at the present time...
  9. EtyDave
    My daughter has a shirt with this on it.  :)
  10. leobigfield
    Hey, did you noticed the new head-fi layout? Where did the subscriptions page go???
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  11. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Ya dude, what happened to the subscriptions page?
  12. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Also, some of my reviews have been removed!
  13. Mr Trev
    my first thought too
  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    I guess that the new subscription alerts will pop up at "account alerts" in the top right corner of the site (welp, this only happened to one thread even though there was more activity going on in other threads since the site is back on - I guess the servers might not be fully active yet or whatever).

    But where is the page that displays all of the threads I am subscribed to (the "old" subscriptions page)? I was able to find it 3 times but forgot to remember where it was, and now I don't seem to be able to find it again.

    //edit: nevermind - I found it: https://www.head-fi.org/f/watched/threads
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2017
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  15. B9Scrambler
    Anyone figure out how to find specific products in the Head Gear section? Or add products? Or post reviews? They have tutorials for some of this stuff but to say they're vague would be generous.

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