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"The Lab"

  1. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Hey everyone,

    It's Axpona eve!

    Going to all three days of the event. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the new booths this year.

    If you guys take a look at the lineup and are curious for impressions, please let me know.

    Cheers everyone,

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  2. twister6 Contributor
    Looking forward to your impressions, bro!  Take lots of pictures [​IMG]
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  3. ngoshawk
    My Shanling M1 video is finally live. Apologies for the delay. Awaiting arrival of my own, now!

  4. ngoshawk
    Keeping it rolling...the fantastic Opus #1. Anyone want to sell me theirs?...

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  5. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] NOW I'm gonna have to unload quite a bit of stuff. I made the HUGE mistake yesterday of letting my local Audio man talk me into trying a Pair of Audeze isine 20 In - Ears.
    OMG, the sound.
    Just strap a pair of 6 foot tall Magnaplanars to your head why don't you.....They're Big, weird, but very light and comfortable once you get them fitted.
    Yes. I can Feature these easily. Oh they are kind of spendy. Not outragious though.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  6. crabdog
  7. Mr Trev
    It'll be interesting to see how those develop. From what I've read so far, they're good… but can be improved. Once the gen. 2 models hit the market maybe all the wrinkles'll be ironed out.
    Either way, judging on how much I like the overall presentation of the 400i, I'd really like to give them a listen at the very least - and hopefully the Chinese will start making cheap-ass but quality planar iems in the not to distant future[​IMG] 
  8. doctorjazz
    Heard them (iSine 10 and 20) at CanJam NY-hard to listen to stuff in noisy environment, but I was impressed, been thinking of going for them since...
  9. TwinACStacks
    I got a chance to listen to them in a silent listening room. You are not wrong. I'm sold....

    Besides who doesn't like TIE fighters on the side of their head?

    :grinning::grinning: TWIN
  10. TwinACStacks

    Yeah, but they won't say "AUDEZE" on them....

    :grinning::grinning: TWIN
  11. twister6 Contributor
    You guys do realize, UM ME.1 (planar magnetic IEM) is just around the corner? [​IMG]
  12. TwinACStacks
    Twister, what leaves you to believe it will out perform the Audeze and will it be competitive in price tange unlike the obravos.

    :grinning::grinning: TWIN
  13. TwinACStacks
    Never mind. I just checked out prices of more conventional UM phones. Too rich for my blood.

    I'm gonna have to stick with the Audeze.

    :grinning::grinning: TWIN
  14. The Dan of Steel
    I think ithe UM is supposed to be around 4900 RMB which according to google is a bit more than 700usd.
  15. TwinACStacks
    That's not terrible. Other UM offerings are north of 2k.

    :grinning::grinning: TWIN

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