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  1. guisess93
    Hi there,

    I can't decide between cayin N3 vs Shanling M2S, and there's even M3S coming out on top of that. I will only use the DAP to pair with IEMs/CIEMs only btw. Could you provide some thoughts? Thanks a lot
  2. Layman1
    I reviewed them both, so I'll chime in here. They're both good DAP's with warm, organic sound signatures.
    I would give the edge to the M2s in terms of sound quality and appearance (possibly navigation too, but that's a personal preference).

    However, the N3 has every conceivable kind of functionality you could possibly wish for.. USB DAC, streaming from a mobile phone, all kinds of stuff. My memory's a bit hazy, but do check reviews. I think there are links to my ones in my signature, but there will also be more comprehensive ones out there somewhere too.

    If your main priority is sound quality and you're not that bothered about the bells and whistles, I'd throw the following two DAP's into the mix: the xDuoo X3 (about half the price of the two DAPs you mentioned!) and the Aune M1s (about $50 more? not 100% sure).
    Both have beautiful transparent, reference sound signatures, with lots of detail, clarity and good sound stage.
    I hands-down preferred them both overall to the two you mentioned, but again, that's a personal preference.
    If you prefer a more warm and organic sound signature, then the two you suggested would probably be a better fit.

    Although in both cases, it depends on what IEM's you're going to be using.
    Often, a transparent, reference, neutral kind of DAP matches well with somewhat warm/organic IEM's, and vice versa.
    Too much of the same thing can lead to overkill :)

    Hope this helps, let us know what you choose! :)
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  3. Podster
    Just popping in to say hey fella's been jamming on the Gray Ghost rig today and for less than $48 bones simply loving it.

    Matte Gray.JPG

    Saw my Audio Shrink the other day and can't believe with all the shims I've given him he then told me that Audio Nirvana was a pipe dream:open_mouth:
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  4. Midgetguy
    So nevermind, the Pinnacle P2s are actually coming to me tomorrow. I thought they were actually showing up next week because when I paid for them, they were projected to be in stock to be packed and shipped tomorrow which is why I expected them next week. I hope I can find the time to check them before next week though :D
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  5. Podster
    I'm just hoping mine (also coming tomorrow) sound as good as my P1's, just loving the Black Matte finish on the P2's:yum: Ordered Lee's gray balanced cable for mine for the Opy #1:wink:
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
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  6. barondla
    If you can't find the time, some one here will be glad to listen for you. :)
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  7. Midgetguy
    What DAP is that? Clean looking block, simplified essential interface, nice contrast to all the super complicated interfaces today. Also, mhhmmm, red Porsche 959 wallpaper :D
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  8. Midgetguy
    The P2s are matte black? I thought they were gloss black....
    Also, from what I've read, it's gonna sound very different from the P1, which I may be very okay with as well. What I'm getting very curious about is how it is compared to the M7 Pro because this thing is $50 cheaper.
  9. Podster
    Hmm, these look matte to me but I'm old with bad eyes:-0

  10. Midgetguy
    That exact picture is the one from the Massdrop site for the Pinnacle PXs, which is basically a no-frills super dark blue version of the P1 for just a bit over $100. THESE are the Pinnacle P2s. You may need to get your eyes checked for more than just color :wink:
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  11. JaeYoon
    Daaaaaannngg brutal lol.
    :thinking: really like the OG p1 aluminum build more.
  12. Podster
    Indeed midge, I have the Massdrop version coming. Guess I was thinking they were the 2. Glad they may sound like my 1's. I stand corrected:wink:
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  13. Remiam7

    Also would like to know what DAP this is! Only one I found that looks exactly like it is from Shinywe Tech.
  14. harpo1
    I have the P2s and they are definitely gloss black.
  15. Midgetguy
    Better news: neither of us are blind, at least not yet :D. Yeah, as far as I know, the PX is supposed to be pretty much the P1 but with a new coat of paint and fewer accessories so the price is way lower. Supposed done just like how the HD6XX is the HD650 with the Massdrop color, the PX is supposedly the P1 but with the Massdrop coloring. I imagine that where they're cutting most of the pricing is in the accessories. I'm guessing the price drop comes from not including the original SPC cable and then applying the usual slight Massdrop discount method.
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