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The iBasso D12, dual dacs . images . new Sysconcept optical cable . . Topkit by HiFlight. .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Aug 19, 2010.
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  1. Bugdozer
    I'm running a FiiO X3 with my iBasso P4. Could I expect an noticeable improvement by upgrading to the D12 and using the digital out of the X3?
  2. CosmicHolyGhost
    You will get different SS..all dac and amp are then done by d12... But if this is what you want, you can also just get the dx50 and swap between two daps two battery lives, and without the need for carrying a stack...
  3. MarcJC
    My apologies for the necro, but it's hard to find details on some of these ibasso dacs with references to compare to. Would any of you owners of the D12 be able to shed any light on how the DAC portion of the D12 sounds? I'm going to feed this into a PB2, and the only sourge gear references I have relevant to head fi would be the SS of a Fiio x3, e11 through various phones, ipod touch 4th gen stock. I'm currently trying to find a DAC to pair with the PB2, and am stuck between the DB2 and D12, and yes, I'll be listening in balanced. 

    I've read here that the D12 is "light", yet detailed. I've read the same of the DB2 compared to heavier amps, while at the same time more detailed statements calling it "dark", contradicting other subjective impressions.
    Any input would be appreciated [​IMG]
  4. Chris J

    I'll agree with light, but detailed.
    It's a better DAC than the FiiO E17 I used to own, but it also costs twice as much!
    The E17 sounded foggy by comparison.
  5. ph58
    Hi , every one , i am searching for a mini jack opitical cable , this is to  connect my AK100 MKII to the Ibasso D12 , thanks in advance .
  6. Chris J

    Try ordering a Silflex Optical cable with Toslink on one end and mini jack on the other end.
  7. ph58
    Thanks for your reply , as you said ,i've been to their site "Silflex Optical cable" , their shorter cable is too long for me, and it is expensive too : 65 USD + shipping .
  8. Ehr33


    They will build it for you to your specific needs. Great people too.
  9. ph58
    OK , thanks very much , i'll see that .
  10. Chris J

    Yes they are expensive but the build quality is outstanding!
    I own a pair of their optical cables, one with mini jack and toslink, and one with Toslinks on both ends.
  11. ph58

    Hi , i have found with your help what i want from Sysconcept . I think that is the right Toslink mini cable for my AK100 MKII and Ibasso D12 , send them a message for more precision , and will order the mini cable . Thanks for your help .            PS : It is the  1300-strands 24/192, Toslink Mini 90-deg Precision Premium Cable   [​IMG] 
  12. Ehr33

    Glad I can help. Good choice with the Precision Premium Cable. They are the best custom optical cable around. Got myself the premium cable few years ago.

  13. ph58
    Thanks to you Er33 , i am waiting for the delivery of the D12 Anaconda but i wonder if the  DB2 Boomslang is superior in term of Sound Quality ? Autonomy ; ease of use , recharging ...... it cost  not so much more then the D12 , i still have the possibility to change for the DB2 now , if it is worth the upgrade . If someone can help me . Thanks in advance .
  14. ph58
    I have the answer , the DB2  have not a built in amp , i'st just a Dac  , the D12 have ( work as Dac Amp ) , so for me it is the D12 no doubt . Thanks .
  15. ph58
    The cable have been order , you are right ,  they are Great people . Many thanks .
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