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The iBasso D12, dual dacs . images . new Sysconcept optical cable . . Topkit by HiFlight. .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Aug 19, 2010.
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  1. lerxst
    Is it just me or is the D12 not able to play 24/192 audio via optical in? When I try this via my AK100 and the Sysconcept cable, I can hear the song but a TON of static on top of it. Does the D12 not actually support 192 kHz optical input? iBasso's web site is surprisingly silent on the question. As far as I can tell, all the DAC chips support it, except the USB chip. Yet, it doesn't work.
  2. Armaegis
    Isn't toslink limited to 96k? I believe the coax will handle 192k (someone do correct me if I'm wrong about this)
  3. Ehr33
    Hi guys. I'm new to this OPAMP rolling things. Is it possible if I install the OP2134 in the buffer and OP134 in the amp section? Any advise would be appreciate, thanks!
  4. jamato8 Contributor
    I would drop a line to HiFlight or email iBasso. 
  5. Ehr33

    Requested black & silver D12 to match my portable rig and custom sysconcept cable too. It's my FOTM!
  6. nananan
    I'm considering get a secondhand of D12.
    I mainly use Ultrasone Pro2900 for home use (DAC), and um3x for portable use. (AMP) with ipod classic.
    How D12 can do with this? for home use, movie/music 70/30
    Thanks! [​IMG]
  7. Chris J
    Just thought I would post this comparison in here for all you iBasso D12 fans!
    In this corner, the champeen, the heavyweight, the Matrix M Stage, weighing in at approx. $250. This the version without the DAC and without the cute little airholes. Op Amp is the LM4562, input caps were removed.
    And in the other corner, the Contender, The One, The Only, The iBasso D12, weighing it at about $275. Op Amps are stock.
    DAC used was the built in DAC in the iBasso D12.
    The M Stage was driven via the Line Out jack on the iBasso.
    And the 'phones? My trusty black Q701.
    This one is tough to call, both amps are very transparent for the price.
    On one hand, the iBasso does seem to have the edge as it seems a bit more articulate, more detailed, a bit more "audiophile" but I think this is just a side effect of the lightness of the iBasso's sound.
    On the other hand, the Matrix just sounds fuller, for example, brushes on drums sound fuller, you can hear the brushes on the drum skin, vocals sound more full bodied, acoustic guitars have a bit more wood to them.
    The iBasso just sounds a touch brighter, or probably more accurately has a touch less fullness, less mass, less weight, not to the extent where I would say that it is harsh, just a bit lightweight. With the iBasso, detail almost seems to be slightly over emphasized. The iBasso makes an acoustic piano sounds a little smaller, like a 6 foot grand, the Matrix makes an acoustic piano sound a bit more like an 8 foot grand. This isn't to say the iBasso is strident or a bad amp, it just lacks that extra touch of bass fullness. A bit less natural, a bit more artificial. The iBasso renders a bit more of a delicate sound.
    Bottom line is: the iBasso is a damn fine DAC amp for $275.00
    But the headphone amp in the iBasso D12 looses a bit of that naturalness the M Stage tends to convey.
    Comparing headphone amp to headphone amp, I was surprised at how close the race really is.
  8. jamato8 Contributor
    Did you try any different op amps in the D12?
  9. Ehr33
    I bought the D12 to match with UE900. Did some rolling and end with OP2134 on the buffer + stock L/R. This combo bump up the high a little bit and make the UE900 sound airy. The way I want it.
  10. Chris J
    Good question. I have in the past, but went back to the stock Op Amps a few weeks ago. I've been meaning to experiment with different Op Amps in the D12 for the Q701. I may redo this comparison with another set of Op Amps in the D12 sometime in the future.
  11. boombobby289
    Fiio X3 has Coaxial Output. In another word, I can bypass its internal DAC and use a DAC/AMP that has coaxial S/PDIF digital inputs.
    Between iBasso D12 and Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII, which is a better pick if I want the sound quality to be smooth, thick, rich, detail, clear, deep bass and big sound stage?
  12. Chris J
    I've never heard the Leckerton, but I do find the iBasso D12 to be a smooth, clear and detailed and and DAC.
    For best results listen to the D12 without the USB charging cable connected, i.e. via battery power.
  13. eddiekuo
    I have a portable CD player with line out / optical out function.
    Is it possible to use D12's optical input connection and then connect my headphone to the headphone out of D12
    to listen to music?
    The two WM8740s in D12 should be much better than the DAC used in the portable CD player.
    So I am just wondering if I can use the connections this way other than CD line out - D12 line in - D12 headphone out.
  14. Ehr33

    Yes the D12 do accept digital optical.
  15. Spadge
    I'm just wondering if anyone has compared a D12 via USB input to an AK100 via USB input?

    I currently have an AK100 and love how it sounds, however it doesn't work as a USB DAC with USB3.0 ports.... which is my only option on my Surface Pro.

    I could get a USB->TOSLINK adaptor for the Surface Pro, but that's getting a bit bulky (USB->TOSLINK ->AK100 -> 2STEPDANCE) and I'm wondering how an iBasso d12 (USB -> D12) would fare in comparison?

    Thanks for any input.

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