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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Soham Sengupta
    It IS a product made directly by hiby themselves and it will have all the functionality of the hiby music app (but in all of the r3 videos, I could not find the MSEB functionality. I really hope that hiby implements it in the firmware).
  2. davidcotton
    @Joe Bloggs any chance of native support for podcasts and audiobooks on this one? That's the one thing I find lacking in most of these chinese players.
    NotKunvinced likes this.
  3. NotKunvinced
    I second and third this proposal!
  4. Zachik
    Isn't there any good podcast / audiobook apps for Android?
    (I use my iPhone for podcasts and audiobooks, so I am not familiar with Android offerings...)
    NotKunvinced likes this.
  5. NotKunvinced
    Pocketcasts for podcasts and then my only experience of an audiobook app is Audible.
  6. Raketen
    There's probably something better but Stitcher isn't bad if you don't mind advertisments. Afaik R3 isn't Android though.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
  7. davidcotton
    Yep I use either Listen or Mort audiobook player and both work well. However as stated above it looks like this isn't android based it seems (has that actually been confirmed?).
  8. iJay
    Yes, it’s confirmed in one of the videos I believe. It’s not an Android OS but something custom.
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  9. CactusPete23
    The R3 has a Linux based OS.
  10. Blazer39
    i wounder how they will sound compared to hiby R6 :)

    Also..when will full specs will be revealed?
  11. Soham Sengupta
    I think the full spec will be revealed on the day the kickstarter launch date is announced or on the launch day itself
  12. reeza
    Fantastic idea! Since the R3 isn’t Android, built in Podcast/ Audiobook support would be marvellous @Joe Bloggs.
    NotKunvinced likes this.
  13. CactusPete23
    It's probably late to ask for things on the R3... But the following would be nice:
    - Aptx-HD (Much better than regular Aptx);
    - Replay Gain;
    - a larger internal Bluetooth Antenna to improve signal;
    - Can the Amp's Power be boosted when a external Power Bank is Attached? (Think the amp in the R3 is capable of double or triple the power output listed in current specs?);
    - An HD-FM radio would be cool...(In Asia, some phones have good FM receivers built in)...

    Know these are not all likely. Just stuff on my personal wish list.... And some could be easy to implement. Really like what I see already included in the R3.

    Are there any pre-production units out there getting tested/reviewed yet?
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  14. G_T_J
    +1 for FM Radio

    However, the most important for me is to have a musical engaging sound signature as this is what you need while on the go. You can't focus on critical listening when out and about and this device and its portability are perfect for this kind of use.

    So for me the most important thing is to retain the smallest possible footprint as a device (no bulky cases and preferably weight under 100g) and a quite powerful amp section to justify the use of the device by the commuter instead of a smartphone.
    Soham Sengupta and CactusPete23 like this.
  15. Soham Sengupta
    I think one of your wishes is already implemented. Replay gain is going to be in there. But I don't think aptx HD will be implemented as the r6 itself doesn't have it. But I really hope they would have FM built into the r3. Also the new fiio m7 surprisingly has both FM and aptx HD. You can check that out too.
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