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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Notrix
    OT, but I'll list a few: X5 sounds very dark, almost muddy in comparison to the R6. R6 soundstage is tremendous. X5 soundstage is average. X5 highs are much more rolled off than the R6. R6 MSEB is better implemented than V4A. V4A's bass adjustment works great. Didn't see much improvement in the other options. R6 leans more to reference sounding with a slant to warm. X5 is warm.
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  2. G_T_J
    Brilliant! I got an. X5iii which I love and an R6 on the way so you have just aggrevated my impatience :)
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  3. Notrix
    The X5lll was a good device, but the R6 is on another level. I also have a Cowon Plenue D that I will be selling once the R3 is launched.
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  4. Glebuzzz
    It has USB Type C? Can't get it from video.
    Also, why OLED? Why not IPS or TFT?
  5. Soham Sengupta
    Yes it has USB type c. Also, tft and IPS are just LCD panels which do not have as good color reproduction as an oled panel. Also oled panels have a higher contrast ratio than LCD panels. But if they would've opted for LCD, then their manufacturing cost would have been reduced a bit but that's the only tradeoff you have to make. Also tft doesn't have as good a viewing angle as oled or IPS. So yeah, oled>ips>tft.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2018
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  6. iJay
    All true and I also thought OLED Tech is more energy efficient thus extending battery life, which is always a win!
  7. Soham Sengupta
    Yeah, I forgot to mention that. This is because in oled panels, the panel has the ability to turn off their pixels when showing black areas, which results in higher battery life
  8. Zachik
    Good to know! Thanks for confirming Joe :)

    One thing is for sure - none of your competitors is perfect, they all release initially with some bugs, but HiBy customer service and customer commitment is a notch above the competition!!
  9. Raketen
    think the downside for oled other than expense is the potential for screen burn-in due to permanent UI elements (like on a playback screen)- but if that is the case, not such a big deal on a small music player IMO (not like trying to read or watch video where it would be more bothersome).
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  10. Soham Sengupta
    True, but you are right in that aspect that we are not doing anything that will bother us if a screen burn-in takes place. But, most often, screen burn in takes place on p-oled screen rather than normal oled screens (P-oled are the screens made by lg for their v30 and pixel 2). In fact, if you search at google, you will find that most oled burn in cases are on p-oled panels. So I doubt there will be burn-in in the display. But time will tell about that.
  11. duo8
    No, normal amoled gets them too. If anything most reports of burn-in are from amoled panels.
    P-OLED hasn't seen very widespread use (don't know anyone other than LG using them, and only on 2 devices).
    Also image retention and uniformity loss seems more likely to occur than actual burn-in, but maybe that's just for me.
  12. Soham Sengupta
    I don't really know about that. I haven't really experienced it myself as of now and I have 3 devices with amoled panels myself which I have been using for over a year. So maybe it is not really that much of an issue you see.
  13. reeza
    I’m so looking forward to this...

    Would I be correct in assuming as it’s a direct Hiby product, it should have all the latest features of HibyMusic, like ReplayGain, HibyLink etc... and not a cut down/ behind version like other players using HibyMusic as it’s default player?
  14. Raketen
    Come to think of it my Note 2 has an AMOLED panel IIRC, pushing 6 years old now, I haven't noticed any burn-in, though I'm not a heavy user... original battery too! still get a couple weeks worth of standby mode.
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  15. Soham Sengupta
    I think the burn in depends from panel to panel. Anyways, I still think that hiby has went into the right direction by opting for the amoled panel.
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