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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. CactusPete23
    Right on the heels of the successful R6 introduction, HiBy released a new DAP, the R3.

    Kickstarter funding has completed



    It has just come to HIBY's attention that developments in IP rights disputes between TIDAL, record companies and China have made it so that TIDAL cannot legally be used in China. As such, firmware updates to Chinese edition R3's will NEVER include TIDAL, nor any future streaming clients falling in the same kind of situation, and there will be measures to prevent the cross-flashing of Chinese edition R3's with international firmware--this despite any claims to the otherwise I may have made in public or in private. :triportsad: Sorry guys. :triportsad:
    NOTE: The International Versions, sold via Kickstarter, will still TIDAL. The offline Storage feature is not being allowed by TIDAL.
    On a Positive Note, After good discussions with 2 Other Streaming Service Companies, 2 new streaming services may become available on the R3 in future firmware. Per Joe Bloggs

    Check Out these Two Very Positive Reviews:


    Small Body Powerful Performance

    Using Hiby OS, with built-in ES9028Q2M decoder chip, directly delivers hi-res audio; supports up to PCM384/32bit、DSD256 and most high-definition music format, including FLAC, APE, WMA, WAV, ALAC, as well as DST ISO compression format.


    Delicate Yet Magnificent

    Hiby R3 is a portable HiFi music player equipped with a 3.2-inch full touchscreen; supports bidirectional communication for Bluetooth with APTX; and comes with physical buttons; it is your best workout buddy. Connect to the Tidal app via Wifi; you can access enormous song files, and enjoy your favourite music up to 10 hours!


    Strike for balanced audio

    R3 features 3.5mm /2.5mm balanced outputs; user can achieve a wide frequency range with full-bodied sound with different headphones. A balanced-output interface delivers sound with rich details and allows you to hear every drumbeat and every breath.

    Sign up for the latest info, And be entered to win one here: https://www.hibymusic.net/r3

    Here's a teaser video:

    Looks to be a be a Single DAC DAP, with: Balanced Out, HIBY Link, an lots of other cool features. Expect it won't have all the power of the R6. But for IEMs and when out and about, the R3 looks perfect!

    Will Update this page as more info is released ! Stay Tuned !
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
  2. Ultrainferno
    Received mine in the mail yesterday!
    Still some issue with shuffle and DLNA in the engineering sample though. Joe, is the DLNA only accessible when connected to your phone?

    Hiby R3 Headfonia.jpg
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  3. musicday
    All the music players should be made with OLED screen in my opinion. Well done Hiby R3.
    Deftone, scotvl and Zachik like this.
  4. Ultrainferno
    The R3 screen is really nice!!
  5. torpedorag
    Will this release at the same time as the R6? Might be better for strictly iem use.
  6. Dcell7
    This looks d*mn sexy
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  7. Tinnitus Man
    I'm waiting it out for the R9....
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  8. davidcotton
    Is the operating system still full android? Or is it just the hiby player app?
  9. eldss
    And will it play other streaming services other than Tidal?
    BetterLate likes this.
  10. tarhana
    hopefully it will have lower output impedance.
  11. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Subscribed :yum:

    Hmm... some answers

    This will of course come out later than the R6, and it's running a custom non-Android OS. We try to pack as much smarts in as possible though, including Tidal and hopefully more streaming services, and a player app that works similarly to HiByMusic ono Android.
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  12. Wiljen
    Guesses at price point for the R3 ?
  13. CactusPete23
    Not direct from a HiBy website, but somewhere I saw "around $230" ... Unsure it that's full retail or something else.

    As Chinese New Year just started, we may not get much official info from HiBy for a couple of weeks.
  14. Wiljen
    I'd be good with that although, at $150 or so it would be head to head with the Cayin and Shanling offerings.
    PlantsmanTX likes this.
  15. mochill
    I want it
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