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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO expected late October.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. capnjack
    I know what you mean, received my shipping email this afternoon, backer#11**
  2. capnjack
    Hahahaha! Sorry I had to. When the Kickstarter shipping is finished or the majority of it I would think. However it seems like HiBy are or were a bit low on R3s to ship all of them out during May. Hopefully soon, but who knows :wink: don’t order the Chinese version if you want to stream anything though (you can’t flash it with other firmware only Chinese apparently) So better to wait for the international version.
    I only got shipping email today :) #11**
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
  3. Lurk650
    Like I said, I'm not following this thread. Just wanted to know if it was updated as their KS page says Retail starts in June and June is just about over. Guess they are behind schedule. Will wait for the email from them when it finally goes on retail.
    capnjack likes this.
  4. FridgeMagnet
    Actually I found the 1 missing marble I misplaced so I was able to coherently piece that together, I feel better, thx for asking.!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
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  5. FridgeMagnet
    Hey Reebonz,

    A question for you.

    Do you live in Washington state & if so are you familiar with :sunny:Sunshine if so did you have your profile pic with a car in your yard?

    As your name Reebonz is quite unusual & I remember seeing a user on there with the same name with a profile pic of a car in the yard...

    If that’s you send me a pm please with some info about that back then so I’m sure I’m talking to the right person about that timeline.

  6. Reebonz
    Wifi and Bluetooth signals are fine but I think there is random interference noise when listening from the Mojo if the WiFi of the R3 is turned on. It's the same when Mojo is connected to a smartphone so it's not the Hiby R3 fault.

    Sorry, I'm not the person you are describing.
    CactusPete23 likes this.
  7. FridgeMagnet
    Ok, that’s unfortunate.

    Oh well, anyhow with a user name like that you’ve got company on this Planet:earth_americas:
    A doppelgänger somewhere out there...
  8. Zachik
    Got initial DHL tracking # on June 20 as well. However, mine still shows as DHL waiting for the item... :frowning2:

    Yup. Same for me since the 20th...
  9. Brian Oneal
    I am backer #767 and was sent the shipping notice a week ago, but nothing has changed since then saying "courier info received" and nothing.since. Can you check on my status please?
  10. sflxn
    Hmm... So, they're supposedly shipping these out in numeric order. Obviously, they are not, so it makes me wonder what was their criteria for the shipping order. Sigh, I don't expect to receive mine till August. These kickstarter and indiegogo campaigns take so long to actually receive the goods. If Hiby actually ship mine by August, then it's an example of amazingly speedy delivery so I can't give them any flack.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
    capnjack likes this.
  11. sflxn
    Wait a minute here, I just realized my previous reply was to a backer with #11** as in > 1000. When i see posts like this, I can't help but to bubble over in anger. #833 and haven't received any email since the "your wish is our command" email. If these guys hadn't lied about shipping out in numerical order, I wouldn't be as annoyed. Seeing someone with backer # > 1300 receive their product and someone > 1000 getting their shipping notice is really pissing me off.
  12. goody
    been listening to mine for a while i will put a video up doing some comparisons ...one thing i must say is the screen is gorgeous on this thing a very good quality ips lcd panel has been used ..Now the sound is ok not bad but the treble damn where did it go?.... it sounds a bit splashy its early days yet so more listening needs to be done with various headphones
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
  13. mxroadie

    A mini shootout - unfortunately only one will qualify as my desktop and on-the-go dac/amp.

    xDSD Pro: Really really good sound quality
    xDSD Con: Big footprint

    Earstudio Pro: Really good sound quality as well and three times smaller than the xDSD
    Earstudio: None, really. No micro SD input?

    The Hiby just arrived. Just upgraded to firmware 1.09. Will be testing how it performs at the desk and on the go. Looks to be a great in between the xDSD and Earstudio especially since it doubles up as a standalone player too. Might stand a higher chance once firmware upgrade allows for LDAC and AptX (HD) in receiver mode.
    emeline likes this.
  14. goody
    I hear you i agree the earlier backers should be priority i joined the kickstarter 5 days before it closed and i have mine not great
  15. sflxn
    I may NEVER buy another Hiby product again. I missed the early bird by 1 day because the email arrived in my spam folder. Yeah, so basically, I've been a backer since day 2. I was on the email campaign for weeks before the campaign to get notified of the early bird. I've been able to stay patient because I thought earlier orders were being shipped before mine. Now, I'm in pissed off mode.

    @Joe Bloggs You guys planning on getting organized any day now?
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
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