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The headphones for movies thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bwr827, Jan 12, 2015.
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  1. fickennein
    Why the f#*k isnt this thread growing? :D
    I think movies deserves more attention here.

    Im using Fidelio X1 for movies. It's great, usually an openback dont have much bass, but the X1 do, and the bass is good, tho not punchy cause its openback give em a subwoofer like bass.

    But i think i need a more bassy headphone, because sometimes in high volume, the X1's bass get distorted, tho not in every movie. I like the bass in Sony XB950, but the high and mid are gone, also in music, the detail is ugh... ugly.

    So if there's someone still lives here, can any of you gimme a suggestion?

    Thanks a lot, cheers.
  2. bavinck
    lcd2 - awesome for movies using soundblaster x7
  3. fickennein

    Ow yea i forgot to mention the budget, i have only about $200 :D
    So the lcd2 is way too far for me. But thanks anw for your fast answer.
  4. bavinck
    For your budget you are doing about the best. Another option would be a used Hifiman HE400.
  5. fickennein
    Hmm okay, i'll look into that. Thanks dude
  6. Dartin Bout
    I kept my philips sbc 1500 going for 10 years until the headphones finally broke . I am looking desperately for a replacement that will give me back the DTS\Dolby true multi channel. So much of TV and movies are encoded in 5.1, and above, that anything else is a downgrade. Even all the Sennheisers RS only do VSS at best, I've got a Sony MDR-DS6500 coming this weekend. I hope they sound as good as this obscure RF surround from Philips.
  7. Got the Shakes
    Just found this thread. I'm curious how you ended up liking the MDR-DS6500? I too am in the market for some headphones for watching movies and tv shows with, and most of my content is in 5.1 sound. Do these headphones actually do a good job of reproducing the surround sound? They seem to have decent reviews and there are some available on eBay so curious to hear your personal experience. Thanks!
  8. Dartin Bout
    I returned the Sony's as it would not process the SPDIF dts\dolby mult-channel very well. I got a set of Pioneer SE-DRS3000C. Other then the occasional drop outs it's pretty dood.
  9. Got the Shakes
    Thanks. I'm considering the Sony MDR-HW700DS as the reviews out there make it sound like they do a really good job of convincing surround sound. I will look at the Pioneer set that you got as well.
  10. Pirastro
    My Beyerdynamic T1s sound crazy awesome for movies - total immersion and impact.  
  11. Chuck Canada
    I made a thread movies for headphones but it seems to be dead already. However since I got my Meze 99 Clasics I've watch a few movies like Rogue One which was good on these cans and I re watched Gladiator one of my all time favorites and surprisingly these headphones did really well on the bright sounds of steel against steel and even small things like the clarity of the sound of rocks being crushed under a horse drawn carriage. 
  12. johnn29
    I've been after a good pair of movie headphones recently. I spend lots of time away from home (long distance relationship) so I miss my full 5.1.4 system with an SVS PB 13 Ultra and 65" OLED. So I got a tilting arm bracket, a Galaxy Book 12 HDR OLED laptop/tablet and place it really close to my eyes. Think a VR experience. The viewing angle is identical to sitting 1m away from a 65" screen with how close I can get it. In a dark room it looks no different - it's just a floating black immersive picture.

    But what was missing was audio. Windows 10 has a wonderful Spartial Sound feature that does a great job of 7.1 channel audio - the best I've heard so far and better than Dolby's own version. I was using that with a pair of B&W p5's and XBA-N1AP. Those are both flat to 10hz - the bass was great and it's a great mobile option - especially the XBA which will block outside noise out. On the basis of this thread I ordered a DT990, I've never used open back headphones before as my main use case was always mobile. Oh my word! Playing the Dolby Atmos disc demos the 7.1 effect is even better and the open sound stage really helps movies. For some reason even though the bass output is less than the P5's and XBA's it feels more.

    I needed to use a Sound Blaster USB sound card with headphone amp to get enough output. Works great.

    I'll be combining this with a bass transducer next time I'm over for a great portable home theater experience. I can imagine with a bass transducer this is going to really replicate a real sub.
  13. johnn29
    I picked up a Sony MDR-1000X for the active noise cancelling and just tried it out with a scene from Battleship I've seen dozens of times. This headphone really gets you close to the bass experience you get from a real sub, combined with a transducer I really wouldn't mind using this if I need to watch movies late at night. Very impressed and it's a big step up over the DT990. The NC also massively improves dynamic range.
  14. HBen
    Among all my headphones I like the Beyerdynamic T90's best for movies.
    Energetic, clear, with great bass etc. and also very comfortable I prefer them for movies over an HD800, an LCD3 or any other of my cans ...
  15. SHAMuuu



    OLD MOVIES (e.g Hitchcock movies) ^ DT480/DT100
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