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The headphones for movies thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bwr827, Jan 12, 2015.
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  1. bwr827
    I had some momentums that I never opened (flipped them to fund my HD600 purchase). I considered trying them out, but was unsure due to the published frequency range, which falls well short of even the HD598. I also personally am not interested in a closed headphone, as I often need to hear the baby monitor while I'm watching a movie.
    Bass is clearly a need for movies. You mentioned needing more detail, too. I'm soon going to try the Beyerdynamic 990, which I've read has both of these features. I've also read warnings about it's overly bright treble; I wonder how that will sound on a sequence like the lobby scene in the Matrix. Can't wait to try!
  2. bwr827
    Interesting. Wouldn't your T1s sound better than the HD202 if you plugged them into the dolby headphone soundcard?
  3. Zoop
    please do report back on the 990.
    currently, im quite excited about the new wireless momentum, especially using it with my projector at home.
    i found the wired over-ear momentum bass doesnt attack quite the same way as on-ear version. the on-ear version seems to create the illusion of an subwoofer (not much of chest punching, but definitely give your head a good punch), something i have yet to experience on other headphones. so im hoping the new wireless version will improve on that. 
  4. Armok
    What do you guys think about the Philips Fidelio X1 for movies? Currently I'm using the old Philips SBC HD 1502 for movies which sounds pretty good thanks to the dolby headphone.
    Now I'm looking for a good headphone which i can use with the Dolby Headphone Amp (instead of the Wireless Headphone from Philips).
    Another option would be the Denon d600 (my limit is around $200).
  5. ubs28

    In my opinion, the Sennheiser HD800 without doubt the best headphone for movies. 
  6. bwr827
    I've just been reading about these and the X2. From what I've read, I would only want to buy the X2, but they do sound like great movie headphones (uber comfort, great bass, wide/tall/deep soundstage).
  7. bwr827
    What is about the HD800 that you feel makes it the best movie headphone?
  8. DanBa
    A gift for the next Christmas: Virtual Reality (VR) headset for music / movies / …
    multi-channel audio-video file > VR audio-video player with virtual surround sound engine running on Android smartphone with 4K display slotted into a VR headset > PCM stream > USB audio out >> portable USB DAC/amp >> headphones
    multi-channel audio-video file > VR audio-video player running on Android smartphone with 4K display slotted into a VR headset > multi-channel PCM stream > USB audio out >> portable USB DAC/amp with virtual surround sound engine >> headphones
    Nowadays, we can spend an intimate moment with a musician at work in his studio loft in a virtual reality way by using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and a Samsung GearVR headset.
    We can go to a giant screen movie theater at anytime, anywhere in a virtual reality way by downloading a movie file into the Galaxy Note 4 and launching  the Oculus Cinema app.
    "It was better than sitting in a real theater, and immediately made me wonder why I'd ever go to a theater again if I could get my movies this way. When Carmack told me he watched the entire Matrix Trilogy and a full season of Max Headroom in there, I got a bit jealous. It feels like a true killer app for virtual reality."
    The basic tools (virtual surround sound engines, Software Development Kits, ...) are available.
    Developers should be encouraged to enter this new Next Big Market.
    Everyone has a smartphone; everyone can go to a movie theater, the opera or a concert theater at anytime, anywhere in a virtual reality way by just adding an inexpensive phone accessory, a virtual reality headset.
    Our consumer needs should be widely known.
    A tweet to encourage developers to add Dolby Vision HDR (High Dynamic Range) in the Oculus Cinema app (the source code of this virtual reality app is freely available) in order to get a personal portable giant screen Dolby Cinema theater:
  9. ubs28

    Because it does everything right. It delivers deep bass, excellent soundstage, excellent imaging, great treble extension, great mids, great transparancy, very detailed, and so on. I can't fault the HD800 at anything for movies.
  10. monkeysixtysix
    My 2 cents fwiw...
    My headphones have basically become a home theater replacement because I live in an apartment in NYC, and there is no way I could use a proper home theater setup without annoying the hell out of my neighbors. So I use my headphones to watch movies and play games as often I use them to listen to music.
    You are probably thinking that soundstage width is the most important thing to look for, but in my experience soundstage depth and imaging are the most important traits. Width is obviously important too, but depth and imaging are crucial for movies.
    I'd say the Hifiman HE-560's and Audeze LCD-2's (with Fazor) are the best headphones I have heard for movies. Of those two I think it comes down to your preferred sound signature. The 560's have a great soundstage (width, depth, and imaging all excellent) but they were a bit too neutral sounding for me. While the LCD-2's do have a narrower more intimate soundstage, there depth and imaging is phenomenal. Better than anything under $1000 imo. They also have a warmer sound signature that I love.
    For less expensive options I would reccommend the Fidelio X1's (wide soundstage, warm sound signature) or the Hifiman HE-400i's (narrower soundstage but very good imaging).
    Hope that helps!
    bwr827 likes this.
  11. bwr827
    Monkeysixtysix, thanks for your input! I'd love to hear those high-end models, but they're out of my budget,at least for now.

    Curious, do you recommend the X1 because you're unfamiliar with the X2, or is there something the X1 offers that has been lost with the new model?
  12. monkeysixtysix

    That's exactly it. I haven't heard the X2's, only the X1's... 
  13. Zoop
    i do feel closed back design gives better "cinematic" feel, alternatively noise cancelling can also give the same "feel". 
  14. intlsubband
    My absolute favourite movie headphones are the Sony MDR-F1. It's pretty much as open back as you can go though... but that openness really gives a great sense of space, which is great for movies I find.
  15. bwr827
    DanBa, that VR setup sounds amazing. I have a Note 4, so I'm going to look into the headset. Certainly worth exploring!
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