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The headphones for movies thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bwr827, Jan 12, 2015.
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  1. Audioholic123
    The Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart..it's sound signature reminds me of the big Meridian speakers in use in cinemas in the UK; powerful accurate bass/sub bass, liquid-smooth mid's and clear, detailed high's.
    I do have Beyerdynamic T70's of which is increasingly becoming my favourite headphone i've ever owned as it's good at everything but I use it more for music and gaming, than for movies.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018
  2. johnn29

    Got done tweaking my Silent Cinema setup. Using an Old RXV375 Yamaha reciever I had laying around - I didn't even know it had headphone virtualisation. I enjoy their Silent Cinema for creating a real 5 channel feel. DTS Headphone X is the best - but then I need to run my PC for that.

    That feeds a DT990 via aux or MDR1000x via a BT transmitter and the signal is split to my Quake 10B transducers - one is mounted behind my head and the other under the chair.

    Just got done testing on my usual demo clips. I very quickly became immersed. You do miss the air pressure wave hitting you for explosions but with the transducers able to shake you until your vision blurs, you quickly forget.

    Edit - Further thoughts. I tried the setup with some Sony Sony XBA-N1AP in ear buds. These are flat to 4hz. Oh my word - the immersion with the bass shaker was amazing - the bass shakers felt part of the sound - not an effect. I don't know if it's some brain thing because frequencies below 20hz aren't audible but it was so much better than with the DT990 where it felt like a separate effect.

    I use a Creative E1 Headphone amp to independently control the volume for the headphones - you need quite a hot signal to drive the transducers but that'll blow your ears out with small in ears.

    Silent Cinema is pretty impressive. I ran some 5 channel test tones. There's no LFE channel but all other channels operate. The front left, center and front right are pretty easy to identify - so it creates a fantastic sound stage. The rear left and rear right sound identical - it's almost like the pro logic days but you get a really expanded sound stage. Not pin precise like DTS Headphone:X but great nonetheless and something you can actually get in a stand alone amp.

    I'm SO happy right now. I have a huge system with 80kg B&W 803s floor standers, 100kg of subwoofers etc. and I felt so immersed with basically a 4kg transducer and a 100g pair of headphones. Fantastic and ultra portable!
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018
  3. KaydenZoller
    In general, most, of not all, planar magnetic headphones sound incredible with movies. They have exceptional bass response and generally an excellent soundstage. For example, my Hifiman He-4xx sounds phenomenal with movies. I would recommend brands like Hifiman. Also Philips Fidelity x1 and x2 sound great because of their wide soundstage and great bass response. Hope that helps someone!
  4. tripletopper
    So it's not just me that think the Sony MDR-DS6500 doesn't have good directional sound, especially on DTS movies, when using it on a stand-alone Sony 4K player. (too bad PS4s don't have 4K available, not even the Pros have 4K) Does anyone know of a good DTS headphone adapter for use in stand-alone machines (not an Xbox One S). It doesn't matter whehter it dgoes straight to wireless headphones, or goes to a headphone mixed L/R track, like a Turtle Beach DSS does with Dolby.
  5. chimney189
    TH-900! Great impact!
  6. tripletopper
    What brand device? Is it a DTS 5.1-> Headphone converter?

    (checks Google...)

    4 digit prices? I can buy a second Xbox One S for WAY less than that and just use my Turtle Beach X42s for both Dolby AND DTS. I'm looking for a DTS 5.1-> DTS headphone device that is directionally accurate and is significantly cheaper than an Xbox One S, and can take a Toslink (or coaxial) input. A TH-900 just won't do based on the first amazon purchase listing.
  7. Seisei
    I would recommend the Final Audio Pandore Hope.
    That headphone is very good for movies, one of the best bass response that i've ever heard with headphones.
  8. tripletopper
    Well it took a week, and I got an answer from DTS's parent company about a DTS equivalent to a Turtle Beach X42.

    The DTS representative called me and said most combined 5.1 decoders/5.1->Headphone converters use a chip which only have enough memory to do one of the 3 choices, either Dolby encoding, DTS encoding, or LPCM 5.1 encoding. (I was challenging that, at least on the Tolsink models, because if my video game systems are a good indicator, the maximum number of channels that can be pushed through a Toslink connector in LPCM is 2.0. Toslink is good for higher bitrates/higher hertz rates of LCPM, the maximum number of channels in Toslink and Coaxial in S-PDIF is 2.0. My Xbox One S's only options for optical is LPCM 2.0, Dolby, or DTS.)

    The point is there is only room for one sound decoding scheme on headphones, and because the PS2, Original Xbox, and Xbox 360 used Dolby exclusively, by inertia, Dolby would be the preferred standard. So Turtle Beach and others chose the cheap route and even though they used DTS X:Headphone Brand surround->headphone conversion, the original decoding from a sound standard to something these devices can use to implement headphone surround remained Dolby instead of reprograming THAT part to do DTS->middle standard->DTS X:H , so they have Dolby 7.1->middle standard-> DTS X:H.

    DTS didn't even know there was a problem because they assume most people who buy gaming headsets buy them for gaming consoles. I suggested to the man I talked to a DTS 7.1-> DTS X:H converter. I suggested a SIMO model, designed for multi-personal listening (SIMO Stands for "Single In Multi Out") And I suggested the cheapest way they can do that is with HD Radio, which the same parent company ALSO owns. They said they didn't have enough bandwidth, but I told him that I have successfully captured, recorded, and played back a surround soundtrack by using a 3.5mm output on a Turtle Beach X41 or DSS, and put that in a DVD recorder, or a Game Recorder/streamer, but the important thing is they have only 2 soundtracks, a left and a right, and that has been successfully played back as a Dolby headphone track. If DTS X:Headphone does the exact same thing, then all you have to do is transmit the 2-track result on a house-level-powered FM HD bandwidth, find a station not broadcasting in your area, and adding another headphone to the same source is as simple as buying an HD FM Walkman. Heck, it might even fit on Analog FM when I told them that all you have to broadcast is the 2-channel headphone mix, so you don't even need a special HD AM/FM receiver. A regular thrift store walkman would work as long as it has FM if only analog FM is needed.

    He told me an announcement is coming by the end of the year which may be of benefit to people like me. In the meantime. I understand there are solution which uses A/V receivers and other equipment, but even the cheapest one costs more than a second Xbox One S, which the cheapest 3D+4K player that can interconvert between Dolby and DTS.

    And yes the guy at DTS admits that even though the Sony MDR-DS6500 has accurate DTS decoding ability, their conversion from DTS to a proprietary headphone format doesn't work too well on DTS movies. He said the only things that can play DTS headphones for cheaper than the price of an Xbox One S are the Sonys, but they have poor Sony Brand DTS headphone conversion. Soi if I want a comparable sound to my Dolbys, the Xbox One S is the cheapest way to go.

    He said DTS X:H is a good virtualizer, but he understands that DTS content isn't decoded on such a device with DTS X:H. he also understands based on my 4k media room with an open right front, open right middle and closed right center, along with a exterior wall on the left with a big window in the middle, and a sloping roof which is asymmetric, he says headphones are the best solution for my situation. And if a DTS VP says headphones is my best solution, then that means something.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  9. Zenvota
    Heres my virtual theater:

    Transport: Uptone ISO Regen, Uptone LPS 1.2, Amanero with i2s isolator
    DAC: Audio GD NFB 7
    Amp: Audio GD NFB-1AMP
    Power: Topaz 91092-31
    Bass shaker system isolated with jensen iso max.
    Headphones: Mrspeakers Alpha prime, Audeze EL-8, Massdrop HD6XX
    Monitor: BenQ XR3501
    Surround program: Darin Fong's Out of Your Head
    Windows pc, madvr supersampling and frame blending
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
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  10. Zenvota
    That's an intense amount of information.

    And that's why I use a PC.
  11. tripletopper
    Zenvota, you have to be more careful with a PC than I do with a combination of Macintosh and Video Game Consoles. Strange viruses floating around, incompatibilites between different parts.

    Zenvota, PCs are good for those who want to get he extra hertz or the extra frame per second, or more pixels per frame, or any other augment you can think of. But you're frankensteining parts together. If you don't know what you're doing, you can anywhere from temporarily to permanently ruin your hard earned PC.

    PCs are also an arms race, getting better and better processors, RAM, for slight imporvements at first, but lag behind too long and you're left in the dust. The Xbox One gaming standard plays exactly the same on a vanilla One, a One S or a One X, the only thing the S gives you if 4K movies discs, and the X adds 4K and (is HRD 30 or 36) bit color to games. It's not essential to the game. In a few games it might give someone an advantage, but on a typical gamer 20-30 inch screen there is no advantage.

    I like computing on Macs because it's very utilitarian, doing practical things well, and gaming on consoles because if you can meet the minimum network speed, it's a contest of skill, not whose equipment is better. PCs can do both, can potentially do them better than Macs and gaming consoles, but you must sink lots of money and know how to pay off at that level. Otherwise, it's a half-a$$ed attempt at both games and utilities, comparatively speaking. Not in an absolute sense.
  12. FangJoker
    Just stop with the pc paranoia. I can't stand people like you with your Mac elitism. There's nothing wrong with a properly setup PC.
  13. Zenvota
    Lol thank you i was like holy crap whered that come from.

    Oo look at my pc decoding dts hd ma 7.1 and outputting to a virtual headphone program.

    I should add to counter your disinformation, my pc is probably 4-5 years old now, no anti virus software and im on the same windows install. Frankensteining parts? Its a motherboard, cpu, and ram... And the arms race lag behind in the dust, how your logic comes to that more powerful hardware is dated faster is beyond me... that's literally incorrect.

    I should say, I'm not a PC master racer at all, i have a wii, ps3, roku and fire tv, a 3d blu ray player, but I don't use any of em except for console specific stuff because i personally like using the computer better.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  14. SilverEars
    Problem with headphones is the dialog sounds like pancakes (flattened), and doesn't sound as if it has directivity as coming out of speakers. And most lack enough bass for movies (which is the reason why built in speakers suck, no body or bass).

    Trying out two headphones for movies. Avengers sounded better on HD58X, but saving private ryan sounded much better on Fostex TH-X00 Ebony cupped. Saving private ryan's metallic sounds, rain, explosions worked well out of the cupped headphone.

    I think JBL LSR305 works very well for a desktop setup. I'd rather do that than headphones for movies for better SQ. I find Chord Mojo is the best match for it.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  15. Zenvota
    I agree, I don't like watching movies on headphones at all, and finding headphone virtual surround is what initially set me on my hifi quest.

    Using the program you get all the directionality, voices and sfx have space and depth, and between my audeze el8s and bass shakers bass is prodigious and tactile.
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