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The headphones for movies thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bwr827, Jan 12, 2015.
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  1. SilverEars
    For music, you can get away with headphones, but for cinema you have visuals and real imaging that corresponds to the visuals. That you really need directivity.

    Even for ear/head phones, more bass doesn't mean good clarity. You don't want dipped mids and bloated bass like for music, but like anything, large sub-bass really helps.

    I recently tried out some cheap #1 seller bluetooth earphone from Amazon and it was terrible sounding for dialog with video on Netflix, bloated bass and unclear mids. So, quality headphones helps, but not as much as speakers.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  2. tripletopper
    It's not PC paranoia. As I said before, if you know what you're doing and/or can hire the expertise and/or are willing to pay big money for performance, a PC can potentially be better than a Mac and Game Console combo. Enough people don't want to deal with that kind of stuff where Apple is the number one SINGLE brand of computer. Sure PCs have 80% of the market, but they are split by many brands, unless you can come up with a SINGLE computer manufacturer that has more than 20% of the market.

    I never had a PC. The computers I've had in my lifetime were an Apple IIe, an Atari 800 XL, and those 2 lasted until 1999 when we decided to get on board something called the internet, and got Macs ever since. We got Macs not becau8se they are an elite computer, we got it because it was a practical computer. Starting with the "2001 HAL Y2K" campaign they worked their way from being like 1-2% of the computer market, relegated to artistic types, to 20%, the number one SINGLE brand of computer.

    Is it true that if you do NOT know what you're doing exactly, you can run into lots of problems with a PC (At least historically, as Mac have become cheaper to compete with PCs over time, so have PCs gotten more user friendly to compete with Macs over time.) If that's the case, am I lying or ignorant about PCs or is that a perfectly cromulent fault? Aren't you being a little reflexive defending "The Master Race", as some PC supporters call PCs?

    Who else had a "Master Race"? Does the name "Adolf Hitler" ring a bell? The only reason PCs master race is infinitely more times acceptable, (any nonzero number is an infinite multiple of zero, which means Hitler's master race has zero acceptability, and even a millionth of a percent is infinitely more acceptable because any non-zero number/0 = infinity, hence why computers spit out "divide by zero" errors.) is because we're talking about machines with PCs and not people with Hitler.

    Speaking of the Simpsons (I know it's a joke and not real instructions, but illustrates my point):
    C\DOS: Run
    Run DOS Run

    I don't know the exact context because the Apple IIe and the Atari 800 was a Autoboot computers and DOS on both were a "hidden mode" to do "hackery" on those computers, not he primary interface. Literally the only thing I used DOS for was BASIC. (I'm not as newbie as you think.)
  3. SilverEars
    PC or Mac depends on one's practicality. I don't have much experience with Mac except that one point I thought, hey that looks cool with widgets, and snappy. Later, I find that there weren't much software for it, so made sense to use PC instead or boot the Mac in Windows. Also, I built PCs as well, and I like being able to put whatever parts I want and coming out cheaper than a built Mac of comparable specs. So in the end, I found PC practical.

    One could find Mac practical if a Mac really is faster for video editing or for art, but you can get quality monitors for PC and make powerful PC to run video editing quickly as well. Perhaps, there's a Mac Book Pro that is faster than any PC laptop for video editing (I could understand that). Or one could admittedly say, they feel cooler with Mac (that's fine, but not practical). If you like the interface of Mac, that's a different thing. I like the snappy-ness of Macs, but that's all I pretty much see of it. Looks and snappiness. I don't care about the Mac logo, or think their design outweighs my needs, or a brand really means that much to me. I just feel I have much greater degree of freedom with PCs.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  4. tripletopper
    On my Turtle Beaches only obvious front and center dialog sound front and center. Dialog from behind, to the side, above, and below, and any angle in between, sound in their respective places on a Turtle Beach X42 on Dolby Movies. Turtle Beach headphones are optimized for directionality, because that's what gamers demand. They want to pinpoint where their targets are before turning to look at your target and dodge by sound alone. If directionality is your primary concern, Turtle Beaches are great on Dolby movies. (And DTS Movies on gaming machines, but not stand-alones.) There may be better choices for sound fidelity with more options, but for directionality, Turtle Beach is prime.
  5. Zenvota
    How bout this?

  6. tripletopper
    Yes Macs started with an artistic bent, and most of the practical unique apps are artistic in nature, basic movie and music/sound editing that work together, plus they have an Apple version of a word processor that sort of acts as a drawing program, a spreadsheet, and a presentation program, that can be saved in and read a PC compatible format. You mention that you can use a Mac with a bootcamp to have a PC on your mac, and a comtemporary PC OS nonetheless, and it's kept in a separate hard drive partition so a PC virus attack can be sealed away form the Macintosh OS portions. if you have enough power, you can play PC games with a Mac.

    At one point, there are as many Mac viruses as there are place digits of value of units of PC viruses. There were 10 or less viruses in the history of Mac, and all just cause a temporary, minor inconvenience, the sniffle basically, and there are probably 10 trillion or 1E10 viruses. Most are cured, but enough are not to give the PC that reputation. Even if only 1% of virus cause a noticeable inconvenience that's 10 billion viruses. And I understand there is a difference between a virus of the sniffles and a terminal computer ending virus, and way many more are the former.

    The thing about the arms race is that the PC Arms Race is more gradual compared to consoles, which have distinct steps. My point is differences in PCs make each PC possibly a unique console. No standardization. For gaming consoles, you want computer part standardization. The consoles are alike a home-owners association and the PC is more of an unregulated beyond the federal, state, county, and township regulation, no private neighborhood government.
  7. tripletopper
  8. Zenvota
    Yes, this one has an optical input, does dolby and dts decoding, real hrtf binaural 3d sound, head tracking, and lets you use headphones of your own choosing.
  9. SilverEars
    What program are you referring to?

    Find anything cool that's new these days (I already know about Smyth Realizer)? I'm looking for something cool that does surround processing well without the budget of Smyth Realizer.

    I thought Creative Labs was working on something miniature.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  10. prymortal
    My favourite headset for Movies & TV was the Philips SHP9500s heard everything nicely, even fluorescent humm from lights sometimes, other headsets havn't been able to do. Never did like DTS, Dolby or 7.1 with movies.
  11. Zenvota

    Thats my choice for headphone surround. If you go back a page i posted my system specs.

    http://www.dspeaker.com/en/products/headspeaker.shtml is another neat option.

    Waves nx is $10 and does a nice job, i personally liked it a bit better than things like windows sonic or dolby atmos for headphone.

    Should be getting my Audeze mobius soon, that uses waves nx and has head tracking.
  12. Zenvota
    I started my headphone journey with the 9500s and a jvc rx900, i liked the shps much better, great headphone for the price($45ish when i bought them)
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  13. tripletopper
    It's kind of like a Turtle Beach DSS, except a) It does DTS, and LPCM 7.1 via USB (which my standalone 4K+3D player cannot do, and I don't know if my Wii U or Switch can do) it has headtracking, and it cost $250 more than what I'd want to spend on it. Is it the headtracking which makes it go for $300? Couldn't find any used on Ebay. Is head-tracking technology that expensive that it makes it that many times more than what one device should cost? Any opitons of DTS 5.1-> Headphone converter that is way better directionally than a Sony MDR-DS6500? It can be a DSS style like the HeaDSPeaker, or it can be a wireless headphone like an X41. I don't necessarily need Dolby, I don;'t know if I'm able to use LCPM 7.1 via USB, But I could via HDMI, and headtracking is unnecessary.
  14. Zenvota
    I can't speak to headtracking, haven't received my mobiuss yet. For actual directionality with headphones look for products that mention hrtf(head related transfer function). The x42 does, the ds6500 does. Maybe google "headphones dts hrtf optical" :p the ds6500 has a dts decoder doesnt it?
  15. tripletopper
    Yes it does. It just has a poor DTS Surround Virtualizer. it sounds as one-dimnensoinal as an LPCM 2.0 mix, but doesn't have any pop like a real LPCM 2.0 mix.

    I'll try googling Headphone DTS HRTF optical. But according to DTS, no one makes aDTS hardware based headphone device except the poor Sonys. Doesn't hurt to look.
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