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The FitEar CIEM Impressions Thread

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  1. eversuvok
    i agree with you,it could also mean that they're slowly becoming more foreigner-friendly.thanks 
  2. Ra97oR
    Is the FitEar line up available in London Head-Fi meet? I would certainly want to try them out.
  3. Toxic Cables
    I will not be attending of displaying anything at this meet, sorry.
  4. LionPlushie
    So you do accept special request like translucent black sleeving Scorpion with FitEar OM and titanium Y-split? How does the Black Widow look like? Black Widow does not have OM version right?
  5. AnakChan Moderator
    Tralucent Silver/Gold and Silver for FitEar CIEMs
    L: Silver/Gold with ATL 3.5mm plug
    R: Silver with Tralucent 3.5mm plug
    Tralucent has been kind enough to loan me their cables for my FitEar MH335DW in the past few months. I received the demo of the Silver/Gold cable back in late June or early July and it's been stuck on my MH335DW since. But more recently I also received a pure sliver 6N OCC from Tralucent.
    This review of the cables are off my MH335DW. Some of you may be aware that I have felt that these customs were much warmer than what I anticipated even after listening to the demo universal CIEMs over 3 separate occasions. As such my quest to find the right cable to "balance" out the FR as much as the MH335DW is capable.
    Firstly both of these cables offer a decent sound upgrade over the FitEar 000 cable in terms of clarity, definition, & distinction. Instruments with the Tralucent just has that added clarity and definitiveness as they're played, struck, or plucked.
    Ergonomically, none of these are as comfortable as the BTG lines of cables. And they all do drive me wild with entanglements. However, within the 3 cables (Silver, Silver/Gold, 000), the Silver is probably the most ergonomic friendly, with the 000 next, and the Silver/Gold the last. All 3 are also somewhat microphonic but the Silver's the least.
    Silver/Gold Cable
    The Silver/Gold has the better staging especially in terms of depth imaging, and tallness in headroom. There's a greater sense of spaciousness with the Silver/Gold. However that space is well occupied especially with depth and fullness of the tracks played. In listening to vocal tracks, there's weight behind the vocalist as though it's sung from deep within his/her lungs.
    Bass is deep yet tighter than the 000 and is well controlled. The Tralucent Silver/Gold definitely brings out the the better side of MH335DW's bass. The improvement of the tightness doesn't make the IEM sound so warm yet capable of reaching to deep to the subbass levels.
    The midrange in terms of forwardness hasn't changed from the 000 however there's just an added sense of clarity to the midrange especially vocals. The highs are also somewhat slightly more extended (and evenly, no noticeable spikes I've noticed). There is a sense of airiness but in a natural way.
    Overall the Silver/Gold's strength is in it's staging. It's also the more musical of the two Tralucent cables.
    Silver Cable
    Although the Silver cable is under 2 weeks old, I've had some time with it although it probably could still benefit from more burn-in. This cable is actually ergonomically more flexible than the silver/gold (which was unusual 'cos the original silver and silver/gold Tralucent cable for the 1Plus2, it was the opposite the silver was ergonomically more rigid).
    Anyway, the Silver seems to have a somewhat smaller soundstage than the Silver/Gold brother (but still wider than the 000 and 001s). As one might aspect, the Silver does extend the highs a little more brightening up the MH335DW signature even a little more - just that one step closer to making the MH335DW a little more tonally balanced.
    The Silver seems to be somewhat more articulate and precise especially with string instruments. Where I previously said the Silver/Gold was more musical, I'd say the Silver is more analytical and a little drier (but not dry). There's just that added sense of crispness to the vocals, and instruments. The bass depth doesn't seem to extend as low as the Silver/Gold however.
    In short, if I were to describe the Silver as a refreshing dry winter morning, by contrast the Silver/Gold is more the warm-by-the-fireplace presentation. Either of these present a decent upgrade over the stock FitEar cables. As with everything else, there isn't a single cable that's the "best" in all genre. I would still prefer the Silver/Gold for the Jazz and vocal Jazz tracks, whilst the Silver is great for Pop, HipHop, R&B, etc.
  6. VisceriousZERO
    Great review :) go tralucent!
  7. Mimouille
    Great review Anak. Do you think you could grade the 335 in terms of meeting sound requirements and how the Tralucent cables improve that? For instance from 7/10 to 9/10 or is it less than that?
  8. AnakChan Moderator
    That's kinda gonna be hard. I don't really rate any of the products I review as such (except in that HF review thing where I have to put something down). I've only experienced 4 cables so far - 2xFitEar (001, 000), and 2xTralucent. There's quite a few more other brands out there now that makers realise they can use Sennheiser connectors with the FitEar but it's kinda expensive to buy these cables just to test.
    MTTheFirst has Moon Audio and another maker's  cable (I'd like to say Whiplash but not certain?). Ideally I'd like to hear other maker's cable to make a comparison. Note that I don't even know how much these Tralucent cables cost :D.
  9. EveTan
    Wow... so increments of 10%? That's a big improvement.
  10. Mimouille
    They cost a bit :) I guess my point is that I have always wanted a pair of Fitears and the 335 seems nice but I have heard it is too bassy, quite intimate in presentation and a bit slow. If the Tralucent partially offset some of these aspects I am interested.

    I have no clue just giving an example...but I suppose it possible with great cables in a ciem that scales well.
  11. AnakChan Moderator
    The 335 are quite bassy however I would like to say they are well textured bass - i.e. we're not talking about Beats bass naturally. There is a sense of finesse & quality to the bass even though they are very warm.

    The FitEar 000 & BTG Starlight (??) have demonstrated a little that the MH335DW are capable of scaling to a slightly more tonally balanced direction, the Tralucent cables pushes that capability further. I believe I've not seen the full capabilities of the MH335DW yet. Just more fine tuning tweaking through cables & amps.
  12. Mimouille
    Thanks Anak. I wonder if balanced out of 901 would also improve.
  13. AnakChan Moderator
    I have 2xFitEar 000 cables - one SE and the other Kobiconn balanced. I'm gonna have to admit I don't hear too big of a difference with my former Rx Mk3/CLAS -dB (fully balanced).

    Personally I'm in the mind that BAs benefit little from balancing - not just from my MH335DW experience but from my former UM SE530x8 too (Beat Audio Cronus balanced).

    I think dynamic & orthos benefit more from balancing.
  14. TheLastDevil
    Hi Frank! Does your piccolino cable with fitear connectors come in OM pins? Or the angled plastic pins?
  15. Taeyeonie
    Hmm Hi! I'm new here. 
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